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BambooHR is the #1 online HR system for small and medium-sized businesses. Our cloud-based system offers integrated payroll, applicant tracking (ATS), onboarding tools, e-signatures, time-off tracking, and performance management, with easy reporting and a convenient mobile app for employees. BambooHR frees HR from the data management spiral to become more effective, more efficient, and more human. Give us a call to see a demo and start a free trial. Learn more about BambooHR The #1 HRIS for small and medium business, with applicant tracking, onboarding, e-sign, PTO, performance, reporting, and a mobile app. Learn more about BambooHR
We go beyond HR automation to provide managers with an easy way to harness real-time data and better understand their people. bob helps you create a healthy workplace culture, where each employee feels more connected to their colleagues and company. In short, bob helps you put your people first. bob is the perfect solution for companies above 100 employees. Learn more about Hibob Bob, the HR platform that covers the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding. Learn more about Hibob
Workday HCM is a single, cloud based solution for workforce planning, analysis and execution. Out solution is used by more Fortune 500 and G2k companies to operate with agility and efficiency enabling, organizations to be ready for whatever comes next. Unlike rigid HR system or point solutions, only Workday delivers the skills-based HCM foundation and continuously innovates to enable customer success as the impact of technology, alternative work arrangements, and employee expectations evolve. Learn more about Workday HCM A single, cloud based solution for workforce planning, analysis and execution. Learn more about Workday HCM
Natural HR is a cloud-based HR and payroll solution for growing businesses with 150+ employees. Our comprehensive suite includes a core HR database, self-service, recruitment, performance management, time and attendance, expenses, payroll, reporting and analytics. Natural HR also comes with customisable workflows to help you automate and streamline processes, such as onboarding and offboarding. We enable modern workforces to thrive. Learn more about Natural HR All-in-one HR and payroll software that grows with your business - the natural choice for enabling modern workplaces to thrive. Learn more about Natural HR
Personio is one of the fastest-growing HR software providers for small and midsize companies. Recruit, manage, pay and develop your employees - this software does it all! Personio becomes your HR cockpit: Access all people data at the push of a button and automate all your HR processes along the employee lifecycle. This way you finally have time for HR tasks that add value to your company. The top-notch service team in Munich helps you get up and running with Personio in four to eight weeks. Learn more about Personio One-stop solution for HR in small and medium-sized companies: full customizability, European data privacy, excellent customer service. Learn more about Personio
Revolutionising people admin, Breathe is ideal for CEOs, HR specialists and anyone whos in charge of employee management. Designed in-house, our SME software securely stores all employee information on one platform and automates those time-consuming HR admin tasks. Designed for small businesses with up to 250 employees, Breathe helps HR teams ditch the clunky spreadsheets and neglected filling cabinets for good. Discover the benefits of our online software by taking a 14-day free trial now. Learn more about Breathe An online HR management system that combines document, task, performance, and absence management in one simple and secure solution. Learn more about Breathe
Intuo is a talent enablement platform that offers an alternative to annual performance reviews. We focus on 1) enabling managers to become better coaches, 2) saving time for HR, 3) supporting employees in their career. Our tools include agile feedback, guided conversations, agile objective-setting, ongoing engagement surveys, an integrated learning solution and advanced people analytics. We offer a dedicated roll-out programme with workshops. Learn more about INTUO - Perform We offer agile feedback, guided conversations, agile objective-setting, ongoing engagement surveys, an integrated LMS and analytics. Learn more about INTUO - Perform
Kronos Workforce Ready is a human capital management suite of tools on a single unified cloud platform that helps you manage the entire employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retire. Solutions for HR, recruiting, onboarding, time tracking, payroll, and more are easily accessed through a single intuitive interface. Automated and scalable tools provide a single source of truth with common reporting, dashboards, and robust workflows. Included self-service and mobile app allow easy, anytime access. Learn more about Kronos Workforce Ready Kronos Workforce Ready is a full HCM suite of automated and scalable tools that integrates HR, payroll, time and attendance, and more. Learn more about Kronos Workforce Ready
Manage employees from the moment they accept the job until they leave. Self-service access provides access to advanced employee performance management, onboarding, fast absence requests & approvals, employee profiles, training records, performance reviews, asset management, company documents and more. Integrations with G Suite, Office 365, LinkedIn Talent Hub (ATS) & Xero provide you with additional benefits such as single sign-on, calendar integrations and user upload. Learn more about Appogee HR Appogee HR provides you with an easy to use, online HR management system (HRMS) for employee records and compliance management. Learn more about Appogee HR
Named HR Provider of the Year at the SME Awards, BrightHR's people management software automates those time-consuming HR processes. From managing rotas, sickness and holidays, through to running reports and storing employee documents, BrightHR can help you stay organised no matter how thinly you're stretched. Plus, BrightHR users get exclusive access to Blip, a free clocking in and out app that lets you track your teams work hours on the go and PoP, our new expense tracker app. Learn more about BrightHR Cloud-based HR software to manage holidays, rotas & absence anytime, anywhere + free clocking in and expenses apps. Learn more about BrightHR
Through a combination of core HR functionality, instant online access and an all-inclusive reporting suite, Cloud HR delivers unrivalled maintenance of your organisations full employee lifecycle. Cloud HR offers a broad suite of core HR functions, ranging from absence to training management and customisable reports, with extensive and configurable workflow capabilities. 79% of our customers report increased efficiencies with Cloud HR. Learn more about Cloud HR Whatever sector you operate in, Cloud HR helps you take full control of your workforce management. Learn more about Cloud HR
kiwiHR focuses on making digital HR accessible to small and medium companies. With time-saving employee management, leave and attendance tracking, document management, HR reports, and employee onboarding for your staff, kiwiHR offers smart features that help you automate daily HR processes. Our experienced team is continuously working on new and exciting features. Expect to see even more user-friendly features accessible from any device and streamline your HRM. Learn more about kiwiHR kiwiHR helps small and medium sized companies to efficiently tackle HR tasks with smart and user-friendly HR software. Learn more about kiwiHR
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The only HR software designed and priced for nonprofits! PartnerHR is cloud-based, easy to use, and lets you manage all your employees and volunteers in one place, including onboarding, documents, task assignment, and time off requests. Learn more about PartnerHR Get rid of filing cabinets and spreadsheets with PartenrHR! Everything you need to manage staff members and volunteers in one place. Learn more about PartnerHR
eloomi is a simple powerful solution that can be used with your other HR systems. An award winning solution built for and by HR. eloomi allows you to follow your entire employee's journey from pre-& onboarding to top performer. Achieve your goals in skills training, compliance, performance development and engagement with ease. Learn more about eloomi An award winning solution built for and by HR. eloomi allows you to follow your entire employee's journey to top-performer! Learn more about eloomi
Freshteam is an intuitive, easy-to-use, affordable HR software by Freshworks that helps you recruit, onboard & manage employee information while also covering your time off management & offboarding workflows. It enables you to attract top talent through multiple channels such as a career site, job boards, social media channels, emails etc., interview & hire superstars, onboard them. HR can also create an employee directory, make organizational charts & handle employee time off. Learn more about Freshteam Freshteam is an easy-to-use HR software that helps you hire & onboard top talent & manage employee data, documents & time off. Learn more about Freshteam
Few businesses operate from a single location. It is imperative that organizations get a global view of employee data for strategic talent planning against business objectives. Cornerstone HR, a cost-effective alternative to rigid expensive HR systems, centralizes global workforce data with robust admin, planning and visualization capabilities. Go live in weeks, at a fraction of the cost. Quickly get the answers your business needs to move forward. Learn more about Cornerstone HR Take advantage of a lower total cost of ownership, a less risky implementation, quicker time to value, and more deployment options. Learn more about Cornerstone HR
Welcome to your custom people portal! PurelyHR's Staff module is a simple, secure way for small to mid-sized businesses to store, manage, and organize employee files. With your entire team at your fingertips, it's easy to keep accurate employee files, upload important documents to specific users or your entire organization, and run reports to capture valuable data. Get started today with a free 21-day trial or a live demo! Learn more about PurelyHR Staff is an industry-leading solution for storing, managing, and organizing employee files for small to mid-sized businesses. Learn more about PurelyHR
Our easy-to-use self-service platform on core HR activities such as holiday, absence and time management, payroll/expenses and staff onboarding/development. These time-saving features will save you and your team hours every week on HR admin, and they're backed up by powerful reporting functionality and comprehensive security measures that keeps your employee data safe. citrusHR is just 2 per employee per month on a rolling monthly contract. Start your free trial today! Learn more about citrusHR Refreshing HR support for small businesses (best for 5-200 employees). Learn more about citrusHR
Lanteria HR is the first SharePoint based all-in-one HR platform that creates a collaborative environment where employees & line managers can cooperate. Lanteria HR is a powerful solution, that allows mid-sized and large companies manage all their HR tasks in one place. With Lanteria HR, integrated with Office 365, Power BI and other major business apps, you have what it takes to automate HR processes, improve visibility and significantly increase ROI. Learn more about LanteriaHR Collaborative and customizable HR platform for mid-sized and large companies. Based on Microsoft SharePoint. Learn more about LanteriaHR
HRLocker and HIRELocker help you unlock your team's potential by automating Absence and Holiday Management, Timesheets, Performance Management, CPD/Training, and Applicant Tracking in an easy-to-use, safe and secure and GDPR-friendly cloud-based format. HRLocker is live in over 55 jurisdictions worldwide. You can save time & money with their smart and cost-efficient People Management and Recruitment cloud solution. Learn more about HRLocker Online HR software that manages time on/off, employee records, HR document distribution, training & development and recruitment. Learn more about HRLocker
WebHR is revolutionizing the way HR works. WebHR is a Social all-in-one Cloud based HR Software for Small & Medium Enterprises that handles everything from Hire to Retire, in the most innovate way. WebHR not only saves money to the companies, but also boosts productivity, saves space and make inter and intra-office communications fast, reliable and more efficient. WebHR assists in managing a companys most important asset - its People. Learn more about WebHR WebHR is everyone's favorite and a global leader in Cloud HR - Helps you manage the most important asset in your company - your People! Learn more about WebHR
Peakon automatically collects employee feedback, analyses it, and then delivers you the insights you need to improve your business ¿ in real-time. Understand your employees¿ experience across the entire lifecycle from onboarding to exit, and find out how to optimise employee engagement, drive productivity and reduce attrition using data-driven insight. Our platform is translated into 50+ languages, can deal with complex structures, and is able to handle tens of thousands of employees. Learn more about Peakon Peakon is a real-time employee feedback platform that gives you the insights to improve engagement, retention and optimise performance. Learn more about Peakon
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Precision hiring with highest level of objectivity. Making hiring a scientific and objective process,using deep tech tools and combining this with an efficient workflow platform with integrated tools to break silos and make hiring a seamless, unbiased and agile process. Learn more about x0pa X0PA AI platform helps identify talent for open roles and uses predictive analytics to dentify most suitable candidates. Learn more about x0pa
Odoo is a fully-integrated, customizable, an open-source suite of business applications. A majority of the business needs such as CRM, Sales, Project, Manufacturing, Inventory, and Accounting are met through this all-in-one software solution. Odoo is designed to meet the needs of companies regardless of size and budget. Learn more about Odoo Open Source set of integrated business apps for HR, CRM, POS, Website, eCommerce, Sales, Accounting, Warehouse, Project, and Marketing. Learn more about Odoo
CIPHR, one of the UK's largest HR SaaS providers. Empowering employees to manage their own data and spend more time working strategically to add value to their organisations. CIPHRs HR solutions help HR professionals attract, engage and retain workers more effectively:Highly configurable, scalable, powerful reporting and analytics, GDPR dashboard, Suite of integrations via our API, securely hosted in UK-based data centres, ISO 27001 accredited, UK support Learn more about CIPHR CIPHR, one of the UK's largest HR SaaS providers. Helping HR professionals attract, engage and retain workers more eff Learn more about CIPHR
Built for Teams is an intuitive, cloud-based HRIS system, providing HR managers and executives with critical employee data, reporting, org chart, and compliance information. Built for Teams also provides features like PTO tracking, recruiting, onboarding, employee self service, and more for small- and mid-sized businesses. Learn more about Built for Teams Web based solution bringing clean design & an intuitive user experience to the world of HR. Manage recruiting, onboarding, PTO, & more. Learn more about Built for Teams
Sapling is a new kind of HR platform for mid-market companies. Our software helps HR teams automate workflows, support data-driven decisions and be more strategic, and is the platform of choice for InVision, OnDeck, Digital Ocean, and Coupa. We believe that when you create a great employee experience, HR can better support teams to do their best work. Learn more about Sapling Saplings Onboarding and HRIS platform helps mid-sized companies automate and elevate their employee experience, with deep integrations. Learn more about Sapling
From Recruiting to Offboarding, Pipefy is the solution that integrates all HR processes, creating the whole Employee Journey in a single platform. Our solution enables HR teams to measure and improve efficiency by creating reports, defining KPIs and tracing the department results to enhance teams continuously. Learn more about Pipefy Pipefy is the #1 Human Resources management software. Build a smooth and automated Human Resources operation with Pipefy today. Learn more about Pipefy
OrangeHRM is the most flexible and cost-effective human resource management (HRM) software in the world. Offering choice, flexibility and affordability, Orange HRM gives you three premier products: Open Source: Free, feature-rich, intuitive software for very small businesses. Professional: Perfect for fast moving small-to-medium sized organizations. Enterprise : offers a choice of specialized modules designed for global enterprise companies. Learn more about OrangeHRM OrangeHRM is the world's most popular human resource management solution with over 3.5 million global users Learn more about OrangeHRM
Qualtrics Employee Experience (EX) is the ultimate tool for HR managers to gather data from their employees. Create a snapshot across the entire employee lifecycle and automatically prioritize key drivers of engagement to build strong teams, drive productivity, and reduce unwanted attrition.You gain the power and flexibility to tailor your program to meet your needs, whether that includes regular employee census surveys or ad-hoc pulse surveys. Talk to our industry experts to get started! Learn more about Qualtrics EmployeeXM Qualtrics Employee Experience (EX) is the ultimate tool for human-resources managers to gather data across the employee lifecycle Learn more about Qualtrics EmployeeXM
Great things happen when employees get what they crave at work. They're more aligned with your mission, purpose and values, more motivated to work harder (and smarter) and more engaged to boost your business results. That's why we've designed the only platform that lets you choose the right combination of employee recognition, communications, surveys and discounts. And, it gives you full control to build a branded platform that truly reflects the unique spirit of your company. Learn more about Reward Gateway Reward Gateway's employee engagement platform brings strategic recognition, communications, employee surveys, and discounts together. Learn more about Reward Gateway
HR Partner is a simple, all-inclusive online HR Management system for businesses with 30 to 300 employees. HR Partner manages your employee records, onboarding, leave requests, renewable documents, performance management, asset tracking, and recruitment - all in one place. Your whole team can use the self-service portal to check their leave balances, submit leave requests, or update their details. Access our secure, easy to use system from any device. Learn more about HR Partner Simple, all-inclusive online HR Management system. Includes leave tracking, employee onboarding, recruitment, performance mgt and more. Learn more about HR Partner
Sage People is a modern HR and People system that transforms the way mid-size organizations acquire, retain, manage and engage their workforce. The system can be implemented within 90 days and is built on the Salesforce App Cloud. Simple to use, the award-winning system increases workforce visibility, HR productivity and provides better experiences across the entire workforce. Customers include; Aveva, Armstrong, Klarna, Mitsubishi UFG, Paddy Power Betfair, Quest Software. Learn more about Sage People A web-based SaaS solution ideal for organizations with 200 to 10K employees and annual revenues starting at $25M for any industry. Learn more about Sage People
Sympa HR was designed to improve the lives of HR professionals across the world. We provide international companies with an aggregated, clear view of all their people data and offer unlimited integrations to other software. Sympa supports smart decision-making and helps automate routine tasks. Backed up with great customer support, it is currently used by more than 700 organisations worldwide and has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates of any HR technology in Europe. Learn more about Sympa HR Sympa HR is designed to improve the lives of HR across the world. Providing companies with a comprehensive HR solution. Learn more about Sympa HR
CEOs & HR teams in forward-thinking companies including Spotify, Trivago, and Babbel use Leapsome to create a continuous cycle of performance management and personalized learning that powers employee engagement and the success of their business. As a people management platform, Leapsome combines tools for Goals & OKRs Management, Performance Reviews & 360s, Employee Learning & Onboarding, Employee Engagement Surveys, Feedback & Praise, and Meetings. Learn more about Leapsome Leapsome is a people management platform used by CEOs and HR teams to develop their people and scale their business. Learn more about Leapsome
HMRC-certified, PayFit is an integrated payroll and HR management platform. The platform updates payslips in real-time and automatically generates them on the day of your payroll run. All pensions and RTI submissions are handled by PayFit. PayFit also handles leave and absence management as well as expenses. Employees have access to their own portal to view/download payslips and submit leaves and expenses for approval. Payfit also provides support from a dedicated team of payroll experts. Learn more about Payfit Payfit is a cloud-based payroll and HR management platform helping small and medium businesses automate their payroll and HR processes. Learn more about Payfit
iFlow HR features: - Personnel files stored securely into the cloud, accessible with a single click - Digital employee documents are completed automatically with employee's information - HR reports have all the information you need, and they are ready to be printed or downloaded -You and your employees can upload any documents into the app. For example, employees can upload sick leave certificates - iFlow is scalable for small to large size companies Learn more about iFlow Register, plan, and manage the working hours of your employees. Learn more about iFlow
WorkSmarter is a cloud-based HR software platform, providing a suite of online HR tools specifically designed for UK SMEs. Created by and for HR professionals, WorkSmarter's HRIS offers a wide variety of features that are designed to be simple and easy-to-use, whilst offering everything a growing business needs. WorkSmarter makes it easy for forward-thinking UK employers to manage their employees with a free 14-day trial and no lengthy contracts, it's easy to see the benefits. Learn more about WorkSmarter WorkSmarter's cloud-based HR software platform provides an HRIS and suite of online HR tools, designed specifically for UK businesses. Learn more about WorkSmarter
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Midsize businesses need enterprise HRIS solutions that work across the entire organization. HubbubHR brings beautiful simplicity to the complex world of enterprise software through our focus on exceptional customer service & support. Its software thats quick to deploy and intuitive for all levels of the user community HR, executives, managers & employees. We serve a global community across several continents and in many languages. HubbubHR simplifies the complex, so you can get back to work. Learn more about HubbubHR HubbubHR brings simplicity to the complex world of enterprise HR software through our focus on exceptional customer service & support. Learn more about HubbubHR
Bitrix24 is a leading free HR software platform used by over 4 million businesses worldwide. Available in cloud and on-premise with open source code access. Employee directory, company calendar, request forms, absence management, work reports, punch clock and more. Learn more about Bitrix24 Bitrix24 is a leading free HR software platform used by over 4 million businesses worldwide. Available in cloud and on-premise. Learn more about Bitrix24
Using AI driven insights and robust data integrations, save time and headspace to focus on what really matters: your people and their growth. Book a custom demo and learn why BizMerlinHR is the top rated HCM software for growing mid size organizations. Hyper configurable performance reviews, self updating competency matrix, goals, OKRs, ATS, career pathways, retention, and more. Learn more about BizMerlin Hire, onboard, manage and retain your team members with ease. Feel the HR Bliss with BizMerlinHR. Learn more about BizMerlin
Criterion delivers the best human capital management (HCM) software user experience, functionality and value in the mid-market. Our full range of HCM solutions and state-of-the-art platform help organizations better manage the entire employment lifecycle and make data-driven workforce decisions at every stage. Criterion has served the HCM needs of mid-sized companies for more than 30 years. Learn more about Criterion HCM Unified and modern solution for HR, Payroll and Talent Engagement. We can handle your unique HCM processes today and in future Learn more about Criterion HCM
Conrep's PSA software provides end-to-end solution for consulting, staffing, recruiting and professional services organizations. Conrep improves all aspects of your business: workflow, tracking and controlling. It's easy-to-implement, web managed solution increases organizational efficiency, maximizes resource utilization, facilitates team collaboration, fosters individual responsibility and productivity. Learn more about Conrep Customizable end-to-end talent acquisition solution for consulting, staffing, recruiting and professional services organizations. Learn more about Conrep
Calamari makes people management easier. It allows you to plan and track all types of vacation, time off and sick leave. Now you can track your attendance with ibeacons and mobile apps and automated notifications. Calamari supports companies with offices based in multiple countries/locations and supports role-based security. We are integrated with project management tools like JIRA, Slack, Office 365, G Suite, Basecamp, Asana. Learn more about Calamari Calamari is integrated with Slack, JIRA, G Suite and Office365. Track your HR records, vacation, PTO, attendance and manage timesh Learn more about Calamari
Save time and money and gain peace of mind with ADP Workforce Now, the easy-to-use and complete human capital management solution for companies with more than 50 employees. Built from the ground up with a single database, the fully integrated ADP Workforce Now suite features Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, Talent Management, Time & Labor Management, Compliance, and Analytics capabilities. Workforce Now also integrates simply and securely with other HR and business applications. Save time and money and gain peace of mind with ADP Workforce Now, the cloud based HR suite that makes managing your workforce easier.
Gusto is a modern, online people platform that helps small businesses take care of their teams. Our products and services help you onboard, pay, insure, and engage your team in one integrated, easy-to-use platform loved by over 100,000 modern employers. Gusto makes taking care of your team a joyful experience, while helping you manage your bottom line and stay compliant. You'll feel like a pro no matter how complicated the situation. To create a workplace where everyone thrives, work with Gusto. Gusto makes payroll, benefits, and HR refreshingly easy for small businesses.
Help your organization improve efficiency, reduce compliance concerns and regain the time you need to focus on business strategy with Paycor. Paycors all-in-one HR and payroll solution takes manual work out of the equation. The intuitive interface guides you through each step of the process, getting you in and out of payroll fast. All employee data is available in one place. Directly import employee hours, view cash requirements before submitting payroll and manage employee information. Streamline HR and payroll processes and get fast access to employee data using one intuitive platform.
UltiPro® simplifies complex HR processes and helps improve the employee experience for HR, managers, and all employees. Manage all your employee data in a single, comprehensive human resources solution for a complete view of your workforce. UltiPro automatically tracks all HR-related data about your people, including personal information, employment history, talent data, and much more. Ultimate Software's solution seamlessly connects employees with the information and resources they need to work effectively.
Want to win the war for talent? Our enterprise applicant tracking system (ATS) makes it easy to find and hire the best. As one of the largest standalone talent acquisition software providers, iCIMS supports enterprise-sized organizations in managing every step of their recruitment lifecycle, all within a single system of record. Dedicated solely to talent acquisition, iCIMS Recruit gives modern recruiters the tools they need to take back their recruiting. Check out a free demo today! iCIMS helps you engage, communicate, and track candidates in one location to simplify your recruiting process and make quality hires.
Zenefits is a SaaS cloud-based HR platform that helps small and mid-sized companies empower their workforce, manage change and stay compliant. Zenefits' People Platform delivers the most comprehensive, intuitive HR experience in the market. Its HR, Benefits, Payroll and Performance apps combine with advisory services and integrated partner apps to radically simplify HR administration reducing paperwork and complexity so companies can focus on starting, running and growing their businesses. Eliminate the stress and complexity of HR administration for you and your employees.
Dayforce is a global HCM platform that transforms the employee experience. It unifies data from across the entire employee lifecycle to enable better decision-making at every level. Dayforce is a comprehensive cloud platform that combines HR, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management in a single application. Our scalable platform is built with a single, flexible rules engine combined with real-time updates and calculations that help address complex regulatory requirements. A global HCM platform that transforms the employee experience.
Greenhouse is the leading hiring software for growing companies. Thousands of the most successful companies like Allbirds, Betterment, ClassPass and DocuSign use Greenhouse to optimize all aspects of their hiring and onboarding. With our powerful hiring approach, complete suite of software and services and large partner ecosystem, your company will be ready to hire for what's next. Greenhouse is an applicant tracking system and onboarding software designed to optimize your entire recruiting process and make hiring
Rippling is the #1 Rated All-In-One HR Platform. You can onboard new hires in 90 seconds, and easily manage your company's payroll, benefits, HR, and IT -- all in one, modern system. It brings all of your employee systems and data together, and helps automate your busy work. Take onboarding, for example. With Rippling, you can click a button, and take care of a new hires' I-9, offer letter, payroll, health insurance, and more -- 100% online and paperlessly. The #1 rated All-in-One HR Software. Manage your Payroll, Benefits, Compliance, IT, and more -- all in one, modern system.
Namely is the first HR platform that employees actually love to use. Namely is powerful, easy-to-use technology that allows small to mid-sized companies (25 to 1000 employees) to handle their HR, payroll, benefits, and talent management in one place. Coupled with best-in-class support and benefits consulting, every Namely client gets the software and service they need to deliver great HR and a strong, engaged company culture. Learn more at namely.com and schedule your free demo today! Namely is the HR, Payroll, and Benefits platform your employees will love.
People delivers an HR administration solution for ambitious HR professionals working in small and mid-sized companies. Unlike manual or older systems that are frustrating to work with, the People solution constructs insightful graphic reports, offers expert follow me guidance, and engages people on missions through high-impact tasks. The solution makes a difficult job more fun and helps aspiring HR professionals eager to earn a more prominent role in their companies success. People is made of all the bits HR has been missing for years. Its us giving you the stuff we never had but wished we did.
Web-based payroll and HCM solution assist in reducing administrative tasks and maintains accurate time and attendance data for individual employees all in one place. In addition, new hires are automatically added to the system, streamlining the processes even further. The platform can be accessed 24*7 from any given location using the mobile application. Web-based payroll and HCM solution that helps small to large enterprises manage and track employees' compensation, benefits and more.
CakeHR is an award-winning HR management solution that simplifies HR. Built to help small and medium enterprises stay agile, it offers key features like 360 feedback, employee scheduling, goals, expenses, performance appraisal, time tracking and team directory. Rely on CakeHRs user-friendly navigation and customizable dashboard to effortlessly automate tasks, eliminate Excel sheet dependence, boost software adoption and reduce email frequency. Android and iOS apps are available! CakeHR by Sage is an award-winning HR management solution that simplifies HR.
It sounds so simple: Have more A Players, win more games. The magic - and the science - lie in how to get there. We help you reach the next level of total talent management. How? With one organic, unified platform for better hiring experiences, seamless onboarding, company-wide goal alignment and performance management, all driven by best practices. With hundreds of thousands of happy users and a 99% retention rate, our clients will tell you there is no better choice for total talent management. We give HR a simplified workflow with strategic insights to improve hiring, onboarding, performance, and benefits administration.
Growing businesses love OnPay for payroll and HR. It gets top customer ratings from Capterra, plus Entrepreneur says "It's an easy, quick, mobile-friendly system that doesn't require a steep learning curve." Pay employees quickly, automate taxes and filings, and add payroll to QuickBooks or Xero instantly. It's just $36 plus $4 per employee (and no hidden fees) for unlimited pay runs. The monthly fee also includes a full set of HR tools, and the option to add benefits in all 50 states. "It's an easy, quick, mobile-friendly system that doesn't require a steep learning curve." Entrepreneur's 5 best SMB payrolls.
Ideal for companies with 200-750 employees, Saba TalentSpace is a hyper-connected talent development platform that gives people and teams the ability to drive their own experience, while keeping them aligned to the performance goals of your business. TalentSpace makes learning and development, recognition, coaching and feedback a part of your people's every day experience, so they can deliver their best. A complete award-winning, cloud-based suite that automates, simplifies and seamlessly integrates all your talent management processes.
Say goodbye to spreadsheet chaos. With Quick Base human resources apps, eliminate manual tasks and keep your team focused on what matters most - your people. Our HRMS has a powerful database to maintain all your important HR information, including: organizational charts, employee directories, salary information, time records, performance management data, talent recruitment, application tracking, and new hire onboarding. Find out why half of the Fortune 100 trusts Quick Base. With Quick Base's Human Resources software, eliminate manual tasks and keep your team focused on what matters most: your people.
Core HR lets you automate and simplify those never-ending HR functions and tasks so you can focus on the ¿human¿ in Human Resources. Eliminate paper files and streamline employee recordkeeping by storing all employee paperwork in one digital location. Easily manage employee benefits, schedule and execute customized performance reviews, and keep your firm in compliance all from a single, easy-to-use platform. Core HR lets you simplify people management. Customized performance reviews, employee benefits, salary history and critical HR forms
The SAP SuccessFactors solution is a complete and integrated human capital management solution. SAP SuccessFactors gives organizations in all industries the tools needed to manage their most important asset: people. The solution equips executives, HR professionals, and line managers to hire the best talent, as well as train and cultivate the skills of their workforce. Automates all core human resource processes, including employee administration, payroll, and legal reporting.
We've tailored the SuccessFactors HR software bundle specifically for the talent management needs of businesses or divisions with fewer than 500 employees. With SuccessFactors HCM, you can automate your people processes, improve visibility and efficiency, and transform your business turning strategy into execution every day. Since the software deploys in the cloud, its easy to set up and offers built-in best practices to manage the entire employee lifecycle. Improve employee performance and align activities for business growth with a talent management solution deployed on the cloud.
ADP Vantage offers integrated tools including HR Payroll, Workforce Management, Benefits, Recruiting, Talent Management, and Employee Onboarding. Additionally, the Self Service options enable hiring managers to gain complete visibility of their recruitment efforts and hire the best talent available. Employee and Manager Self Service solutions streamline the onboarding process. The built-in talent management solution helps to sync employee performance with company goals. Cloud-based HCM platform that enables businesses of all sizes to manage payroll, attendance, benefits along with other HR services.
Zoho People lets you manage all your HR and benefits programs from a central locationmaking it easier than ever to attract, retain and reward top talent. All while reducing costs, saving time, and integrating and aligning your HR efforts with the rest of your organization. Automate your HR process to maximize your most important assetyour people!
Comprehensive, completely scalable HCM software for all your workforce management processes Comprehensive, completely scalable HCM software for all your workforce management processes
Justworks is a modern support system for work and life, featuring tools and integrations to streamline and simplify the day-to-day of team management. With Justworks, employee onboarding, PTO tracking, compliance training, and metrics and reporting, can all be managed in one system. Plus, get access to certified HR consultants for tailored guidance and best practices around people management. Start, run, and grow a business with an HR, payroll, and benefits system that helps you manage onboarding, PTO, and compliance.
All of HR in one place (finally!). BerniePortals all-in-one, cloud-based HR software gives employers and HR admins one simple, streamlined place to manage the full life-cycle of their employees. From applicant tracking and hiring, to onboarding, benefits, payroll, PTO, performance management, time and attendance and more, BerniePortal saves time, cuts the paperwork, and revolutionizes how you manage HR. BerniePortal saves time, cuts the paperwork and revolutionizes how you manage HR.
We are Australia's first all-in-one HR, Payroll and benefits platform for employers and employees. With native integration to XERO, MYOB & Keypay, you can streamline admin heavy tasks and spend more time on the things that are important to you. Over 4,500 Australian businesses use Employment Hero and together we collectively manage over 125,000 employees. Visit our website to learn more. Employment Hero is a cloud based platform that provides the tools to hire, manage and reward staff and streamline admin heavy tasks.
CEIPAL Workforce is an all-in-one, cloud-based workforce management system designed to streamline HR & employee management. WorkForce is a single, integrated platform for Human Resource Managers to oversee worker documentation, timesheets, leaves, & expenses as well as business expenses, analytics, & more. An employee self-service portal enables your employees to resolve queries quickly & independently as well as view documents & submit requests. The workforce management system for Human Resource Managers that offers engaged employees, actionable data, & increased productivity.
You've never seen benefits, HR, and payroll done quite like this. Technology that's easy to use. A dedicated service team that knows your company inside and out. Thousands of businesses (and their employees) already love Netchexand we know you will, too. A cloud-based system that helps employers manage the employee lifecycle from recruitment to retirement.
Provides the fastest & easiest way to manage your workforce & operations from a unified, cloud based & intelligent platform. Clouds can be purchased a la carte or combined to form an enterprise wide system. With many platforms to choose from - Certification Tracking, LMS, and HRIS - there is a solution for businesses of any size to help better manage your workforce. Provides the fastest & easiest way to manage your workforce & operations from a unified, cloud based & intelligent platform.
Optimity is a hyper-adaptive employee success and wellness platform. It is designed to engage employees (77-98%+) and reduce costs for employers. Using the science of micro-habit coaching, we provide a mobile-1st experience for employees. Optimity apps sync with your current routines (calendar, other apps, wearables, etc.) to form small, healthy micro-habits that help you live happier and longer. HR leaders use the Optimity administrator panel to launch Health Risk Assessments and report ROI. SaaS solution that helps businesses create holistic wellness programs, schedule micro-activities, and collaborate with colleagues.
Sentric provides HR and payroll software that connects small to mid-sized companies (50 or more employees) with their people. Transform your workplace with complete HR software that lets you do more than manage data and takes you 100% paperless. SentricHR empowers you to put your people first by automating key processes, helping you stay compliant, and more. SentricHR lets you do more than manage data. Paperless Onboarding, Documents and E-Signatures, Payroll, Benefits and more.
WinTeam is a holistic financial, operations & workforce management solution for cleaning & security contractors in North America. Includes comprehensive accounting & financials, analytics & reporting, HR, compliance & benefits mgmt, payroll, job costing, work/people scheduling, quality assurance & inventory mgmt. It has employee & customer self-service plus time & attendance tracking. Streamline & automate business processes, connect back office to field ops & pinpoint profitability by site. WinTeam is a holistic financial, operations and workforce management solution for cleaning and security contractors in North America.
Finally, a solution to help modernize HR management is available in the form of People Book HR. A softwaredesigned to fulfill the needs of both the administration and their employees. This app offers a multitude of features and customizable options such as:. -System Administration and User Roles -Bio-metric and Non Biometric Time Attendance -Performance Evaluations -Employee Profiles -Asset Management -Disciplinary Records -Shift Management Cloud-based HR and payroll solution that helps firms with attendance tracking, performance evaluations and asset management.
Ease (formerly EaseCentral) helps insurance brokers offer their SMB clients better service through simple technology. Ease makes it simple to set up and manage benefits, onboard new hires, stay compliant, and offer employees one destination for all their human resources information. Today, more than 70,000 SMBs use Ease for benefits and HR. Goodbye Paper, Hello Ease
With the BirdDogHR HRIS, employees and managers have 24/7 access to critical information like benefits selections, payroll, time off requests, PTO accruals and more. Administrators can create custom workflows to manage and act on key trigger points, and can deliver online surveys to build trust among their employee base. The HRIS is the central hub for all HR functions. Connect payroll, benefits selections, time and attendance and more within one central location.
Built 100% natively on Force.com, the worlds leading cloud platform, Bullhorn Jobscience offers a unique CRM-based approach to talent acquisition. It represents a powerful shift in hiring strategy by bringing the candidates, and their experience, front and center while connecting all key processes within the recruitment and hiring process. Built 100% natively on Force.com, Bullhorn Jobscience offers a unique CRM-based approach to talent acquisition.
Trusted by thousands of HR pros in mid-sized UK and global companies (typically 100-3000 employees), Cezanne HR is a flexible, modern HR software suite that streamlines, automates and improves every aspect of HR. Comprehensive and configurable, Cezanne HR's modules include core HR, onboarding, absence, performance, time tracking, recruitment and career & succession planning plus integrated payroll, LMS, etc. Multi-language. ISO27001 certified. GDPR-compliant. Modern Cloud HR software suite for UK & International organisations 100-3000 employees. Advanced security, GDPR-compliant, 10 languages
Unify HR + Benefits + Payroll into a simplified, personalized, all-in-one People Platform. Rise saves Canadian businesses time and money and helps put the focus back on what really matters, people. Book a live platform demo today! Unify HR + Benefits + Payroll into a simplified, personalized, all-in-one People Platform.
TalentReef is a leading provider of SaaS-based recruitment marketing and talent management solutions that are purposefully built for the decentralized hourly workforce. Our mobile-first platform streamlines the recruit to retain process to transform how employers find, hire, train, and engage hourly workers. Many of the best known global brands trust TalentReef to provide the actionable insights needed to optimize and drive their talent management processes. TalentReef streamlines how fast-paced operators find, hire, train, and manage their most valuable asset--talent.
Starting at $10,000, Optimum HRIS offers cloud-based (OptiCloud) and in-house systems for Microsoft Windows & IBM AS/400 platforms. Our software includes Optimum Payroll, HR and Time & Attendance. We specialize in helping companies with 100+ employees easily manage the difficult & cumbersome tasks of HR record-keeping & government reporting. Featuring a fully integrated single database, Optimum HRIS is a total solution for cost-effective HRIS management - learn more! HRIS systems for Windows, IBM AS/400 platforms, or via cloud (OptiCloud) . Includes Optimum Payroll, HR and Time & Attendance.
Attract and retain your frontline workforce with an award-winning HR solution. Beekeeper is an operational communication platform that connects frontline workforces, combining operational features with internal communication channels for one secure, intuitive employee portal with powerful analytics. The platform has been proven to boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, and improve morale within an organization. Beekeeper enables unified internal communications and provides HR tools for dispersed workforces in one secure digital workplace app.
Get the ADP Workforce Now platform plus specialists who partner with your HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Talent team to provide deep administrative relief, best practices, process efficiencies & support. This service can be an asset to your company, whether or not you have an HR person or department. Get the Workforce Now platform plus specialists who partner with your HR team to offer best practices, process efficiencies & support.
Snappii offers mobile apps that offer HR professionals and employees to do HR tasks more professionally, quickly and easily. The apps will keep HR professionals equipped with the latest tool that will help handle HR tasks quickly and easily. With a mobile app HR professionals can forget about loads of paper they had to deal with, improve accuracy and eliminate paperwork. Choose from 4000+ ready-made app templates or we can create the app for you. Snappii is a leading Mobile Apps and form apps company. About 500,000 people use Snappii Business Apps in 30+ Industries.
Increase your recruiting efficiency and save time with Hello Talent. Source, attract, and engage talent proactively with our Candidate Relationship Management and Recruiting tool. With Hello Talent you can add candidates from any website in just one click, keep in touch with them, and collaborate with your team as you manage your talent pools. Easy set up, no training needed, just start hiring! Create your free account at www.hellotalent.com The modern recruiting & CRM tool that helps you recruit easily and efficiently, nurture candidates, and hire top talent with your team
TelePayroll provides the same solutions as our larger competitors while keeping the service level and familiarity of a small, family-owned business. Let us handle your payroll and human capital management so you can focus on running your business. Family owned and operated since 1963, TelePayroll provides a range of business services for both small and large companies. Our mission involves building lasting relationships with our clients so we can support them in all stages of business growth. An end-to-end, single source HCM solution that provides the tools you need to handle payroll, HR & employee benefits.
PayrollPanda Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian SaaS company that focuses on providing world class HR cloud applications. Our flagship product is PayrollPanda, an online payroll app that caters especially for Malaysian SMEs. Our online software allows business owners and HR managers to run LHDN approved payroll in just a few clicks. Our aim is to make payroll simple and quick, and our user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to run payroll. A SaaS payroll and leave app for Malaysian businesses.
HireSelect is an online pre-employment testing platform featuring a comprehensive suite of aptitude, personality and skills tests. Companies of all sizes use the tests in HireSelect to gather objective, reliable information on their prospective employees, leading to higher productivity, lower turnover, and less time and money spent in the hiring process. Sign up for a no obligation free trial today. Administer web-based pre-employment assessments, including aptitude, personality and skills tests, to identify qualified candidates.
Start Anywhere. Add Anytime. Ascentis industry-leading a-la carte full suite human capital management (HCM) technology platform and workforce management solutions are supported by an ongoing commitment to delivering an unsurpassed client experience. Ascentis technology modules work independently or together to meet the needs of each client, wherever they are in the HCM journey. Ascentis offers powerful but easy-to-use, full-suite HCM software for mid-sized, U.S.-based businesses.
Covers Leave/PTO management, Employee Information, Recruitment, Attendance, Timeseets, Training, Expense management and more. Covers Leave/PTO management, Employee Information, Recruitment, Attendance, Timeseets, Training, Expense management and more.
Suite of human capital management applications: HR, benefits, payroll, performance and talent management. Suite of human capital management applications: HR, benefits, payroll, performance and talent management.
Push Operations is an HR management platform for restaurants. It gives owners and managers full transparency into their business with a single place to schedule, track time, process payroll, manage their staff information, and see hourly labor cost and forcasting. A single platform to schedule, track time, process payroll, manage staff information, and see real time labour reports.
We believe in empowering you, as a business manager, to realize the full potential of your people. We believe that technology can free you up to focus on larger strategic initiatives. Our cloud based HR software manages your records and offers analytics to help you make decisions that impact your business. You can manage employee details, attendance, travel & expense, rewards & recognition through a single integrated system that can be configured exactly to your needs. Managers use Empxtrack to quickly access people records, travel & expense sheets, attendance & payroll for teams 50-2000 people strong
Assignar is a compliance, asset and workforce management platform for construction sub-contractors. Assignar allows you simplify your scheduling, dispatch, timesheeting, data collection and communication with your field employees and the heavy equipment they operate. With integrations into payroll and accounting systems, Assignar gives you visibility, control and streamlines your operations. Assignar simplifies your scheduling, dispatch, timesheeting, data collection and communication with your construction field employees.
HRweb is the HR solution for small businesses to manage your employees more efficiently so you can get back to what really matters -- building your business. Our core HR system is one low price. We also offer one add on module, Attendance, with an optional Project Tracking enhancement. Named one of the Top 10+ Best Performance Appraisal Software in 2019 by SoftwareWorld. HRweb is integrated QuickBooks Desktop and Online. HRweb is the most cost-effective HR solution for small businesses.
Looking to improve workplace productivity? TimeTrax, with the help of its Power App covers the entire scope of HR Management and is strictly compliant with HR Best Practices, right from Recruitment to Appraisals, Field Expense Management & packs in a powerful HR Dashboard for run-time reporting of KPIs. With an intuitive design and a comprehensive list of powerful features, a truly robust Human Capital Management Software helps you manage all your HR needs. TimeTrax - The Intuitively Managed Employees' TRAnsformation Xoftware is an all-in-one Human Capital Management Cloud-ready solution.
Provide end-to-end HR solutions with one HRMS/HRIS platform that is configured to meet your company's needs. Access and manage employee information anywhere via the cloud with HR Cloud's People Application, the most modernized and powerful Core HR software available. Save time and effort for an entire HR Department with our intuitive interface that allows your team to track, analyze and edit core employee information across the entire workforce over time. Sign-up for a demo and streamline HR. HR Cloud's People application a full-featured employee tracking software that securely streamlines your system of record.

HR Software Buyers Guide

HR software , also known as human resources information system (HRIS) or human resources management system (HRMS), helps businesses manage employee data related to contact details, attendance, payroll, training, and benefits. Most HRMS systems integrate with recruiting/applicant tracking and payroll software.

The benefits of HR software

HR personnel needs to perform a number of tasks, such as logging employee details, managing paperwork, managing compliances, and employee payroll. If done manually, the complexities and responsibilities involved can be burdening for the HR staff, especially for small businesses with fewer staff members.

HR software helps businesses by automating basic HR functions, which makes the process more efficient and productive. Listed below are ways in which an HR solution adds to the efficiency of an HR department:

  • Improved productivity: HR processes involve a number of administrative responsibilities, such as management of employee records, compliances, and employee payroll. When done manually, these processes are time consuming and prone to errors. An HR solution helps you automate these processes by providing digital records of employee data and compliance information. In addition, it helps you manage payroll processes from within the solution, thereby minimising the manual errors.
  • Ease of access to information: Human resource software allows users to store information related to employees, compliance, performance appraisals, and payroll in a central database that is accessible through the cloud of all authorised personnel. The data repository also enables users to implement a business-wide HR self-service portal, where employees can access their records, such as compliance certificates, payslips and leaves.
  • Improved data security and compliance: Today's business environment faces more data security risks than ever before. Data security risks can be both external, such as hacking, and internal, such as employee theft. Critical HR data such as employees' personal information and payroll data, if breached, may result in severe penalties. This brings in the need for strict data security policies within the HR department. An HR solution not only provides users with secure data access, it also allows them to monitor the downloads of critical documents and contracts by employees. Moreover, a cloud-based HR solution ensures that the location of data storage complies with both regional and global regulations such as PII and GDPR.

Typical features of HR software

  • Employee database: Maintain records of all the employees currently working in your business.
  • Employee lifecycle management: Track different stages of an employee's lifecycle, such as recruiting, onboarding, benefits administration, employee development, and retention.
  • Performance management: Manage performance appraisals (quarterly, half-yearly, or annual) and record performance ratings and manager feedback.
  • Onboarding: Manage onboarding for new hires. Enables users to track compliance documents and I-9 verification documents.
  • Self-service portal: Provide employees with a portal where they can sign in and perform certain functions on their own, such as viewing their personal details, uploading important documents, viewing company policies and compliance certificates, etc.
  • Time and attendance management: Enable employees to log their office hours, mark attendance, and apply for leave. This data can be exported to payroll software and then used to calculate payments for contract workers.

Considerations when purchasing HR software

  • Types of HR software: HR software is loaded with a number of features, which can be confusing for small business HR managers to clearly differentiate core features from optional ones. Based on these focus areas, human resource systems can be categorised into the following types:

    • Benefits/payroll
    • Recruiting
    • Performance
    • Training
    • Talent
    • Workforce

Buyers should carefully identify the types of HR software relevant to their businesses and make purchase decisions accordingly.

  • Data analytics: Apart from helping human resource staff in their day-to-day activities, human resource systems also help in formulating hiring and employee management strategies by providing analytics-driven reports. For example, reports on the historical data on candidate background can provide recruiters with valuable inputs on important hiring decisions, such as the work experience ranges for a candidate for optimal performance in a role, and the skill set of candidates needed in that role. Also, reports on employee performance across multiple areas can help management assess the skill gaps and help training management to plan training accordingly.
  • Chatbots are driving automation in HR software: Due to the scale of communication they can offer, chatbots are finding application in recruiting, which involves interacting with applicants across different locations and time zones. Chatbots are also powering HR support functions, by answering the basic employee queries on HR policies and processes. As these technologies make inroads into the human resource software space, we expect to see chatbots augment a number of processes within HR.
  • Businesses are using machine learning to make human resource systems processes more efficient: Machine learning is transforming the way HR staff work by providing them with real-time insights and assistance in their processes. For example, in recruiting, human resource software can help shortlist applications by performing analyses of CVs and applicant data. Machine learning can also assist managers in performance appraisals by providing them employee assessment of different parameters such as peer reviews, sales, number of projects, etc. These solutions can also help managers predict the future performance of an employee based on historical data.