What does it mean to be a project manager?

Published on 17/02/2020 by Sonia Mokrani and Sonia Navarrete

“What do you do for a living?” “I’m a project manager” That’s a common answer these days. The project leader or project manager is a figure present in many sectors. From real estate to the medical sector, from SMEs to large... Continue Reading

Making Tax Digital: How to get your business ready

Published on 11/02/2020 by Sonia Navarrete

The UK government wants to build “one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world.” But what does this mean for your small business? What is Making Tax Digital? Anybody who’s had to fill out a tax return –... Continue Reading

The benefits of apprenticeships for employers

Published on 20/01/2020 by Sonia Navarrete

This year’s National Apprenticeship Week, which will take place next month, between February 3rd and 7th, is now just a matter of days away. Across some 1,250 separate events spread over the week, the event acts as a celebration... Continue Reading

What is IR35 and is your business ready for it?

Published on 16/01/2020 by Sonia Navarrete

In April 2020, the rules governing who counts as an employee (IR35) are changing. Find out what is IR35, what it means for UK businesses, as well as their contractors and freelancers. What is IR35? The original IR35 legislation... Continue Reading

3 HR trends in 2019 to look out for in 2020

Published on 19/12/2019 by Sonia Navarrete

As we prepare for the New Year ahead it is worth looking at the new HR trends that are promising to shape 2020 – and possibly the next decade. If you are wondering if robots will interview candidates instead of humans or how much... Continue Reading

5 simple budget apps for better planning in 2020

Published on 04/12/2019 by Sonia Navarrete

Keeping on top of finances is important for any business. However, for small companies the requirement is even more pressing. This is because cashflow is often more important for small enterprises – not least when payments from... Continue Reading

Women in tech: 11 inspirational stories

Published on 19/11/2019 by Sonia Navarrete

There has been a lot of talk about women in tech and the gender gap but we wanted to hear it first hand. We asked women working in technology how they got into it, what they like about it, and how has the industry changed since... Continue Reading

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