GDPR after Brexit – what’s next for SMEs?

Published on 14/08/2020 by Sonia Navarrete

After the UK government’s withdrawal bill was passed following a great deal of difficulty in parliament, the future of Brexit was set. This placed a deadline on the UK’s departure from the European Union on New Year’s Eve, 2020.... Continue Reading

What is a virtual tour and how do I create one?

Published on 08/06/2020 by Caroline Rousseau and Sonia Navarrete

If you’ve used Street View in Google Maps before, you’ve already taken a virtual tour. The virtual visit and its tools are already several years behind them but are experiencing a significant leap due to the health crisis. ... Continue Reading

The importance of MSP and ITSM for your SME

Published on 28/05/2020 by Lucca Rossi and Sonia Navarrete

Today is difficult to find a company that does not depend on anything IT at all. From the family business through small and medium-sized organisations (SMEs), technology is present in all of them, even if it is only a point of... Continue Reading

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