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Peakon automatically collects employee feedback, analyses it, and then delivers you the insights you need to improve your business ¿ in real-time. Based on academic research and the latest data science, Peakon helps you drive measurable improvements in employee engagement via regular surveys, bespoke manager training and collaborative action planning. Our platform is translated into 50+ languages, can deal with complex structures, and is able to handle tens of thousands of employees. Learn more about Peakon Peakon is a real-time employee feedback platform that gives you the insights to improve engagement, retention and optimise performance. Learn more about Peakon
The WorkTango platform creates space for employees to have a voice and helps companies easily gather frequent feedback for any engagement, transformation, or feedback initiative. Using data science and natural language understanding, actionable insights from employee feedback is served in real-time to Human Resources, C-Suite executives people leaders. The results are quicker insight, better people actionable decisions, and a more aligned and engaged workforce. Learn more about Employee Voice Surveys/Pulses WorkTango enables companies to give their employees a voice and easily collect feedback for any purpose to support actionable insight. Learn more about Employee Voice Surveys/Pulses
Engage your employees better with Winningtemp's AI-based, intuitive platform. View real-time employee happiness data & uncover deep insights to retain top talents, boost engagement, reduce stress & staff turnover. Powered by AI, Winningtemp provides agile performance management, churn prediction insights, job satisfaction data & much more. Our unique, science-based software has been developed with the help of human behaviour psychologists & AI experts for companies with 40+ employees. Learn more about Winningtemp Increase employee engagement with AI-powered surveys, real-time development insights, risk analysis, and agile performance management. Learn more about Winningtemp
Avature DNA is a single framework designed to stimulate employee engagement while unifying company-wide talent initiatives - from wellness to development. It¿s a one-stop-shop for a modern and multi-level talent management experience. With a core focus on innovation, Avature provides a best-in-class talent ecosystem to some of the world¿s largest, most dynamic enterprise organizations. The modern workforce has evolved, and with it, so have employee expectations for the workplace experience. Learn more about Avature DNA Ideal for organizations with 5000+ employees, Avature DNA provides a powerful platform for a rewarding employee experience. Learn more about Avature DNA
Glint is the people success platform that leverages real-time people data to help global organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve results. Leading brands like United, Intuit, and Sky leverage Glints unique combination of intuitive design, sophisticated analytics, and actionable intelligence to help employees be happier and more successful at work. Learn more about Glint Glint people success platform helps global organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve results. Learn more about Glint
Lattice integrates employee engagement with continuous performance management into a people management platform that gives People Leaders solutions to build engaged, high-performing teams. They empower HR teams to make more strategic, data-driven decisions and build winning cultures. Find out why over 1,300+ companies trust Lattice for people management. Schedule a demo at Lattice.com. Learn more about Lattice Lattice is the way engaged, high-performing teams build winning cultures through rich, actionable insights about their people. Learn more about Lattice
Blink delivers a measurable improvement in Employee Engagement by combining workplace messaging, company internal feed, and cloud storage, on your branded portal. Voted best in 2019 industry awards in Chicago, London, & Sydney, Blink lets IT & HR Teams connect their deskless and remote people to their tasks and each other with news, videos, posts, polls, and digital forms. Get your free demo today & start a 14 day trial -no credit card required Learn more about Blink #1 for Employee Engagement, Blink combines a company feed, chat, polls, & document storage in your branded portal! Learn more about Blink
Send real-time engagement pulses to know how employees are feeling within your organisation. Collect feedback and insights. Anticipate faster on churn, burnouts and engagement drops. We offer a dedicated roll-out programme with workshops. The engagement pulses are part of intuo's talent enablement platform. Our platform empowers managers to become better coaches. Our offering inlcudes: LMS, objective setting, conversation guidance, praise, feedback and analytics. Learn more about INTUO - Engage Send out real-time engagement pulses. Give a voice to your employees based on pre-filled questions or make your own. Generate reports. Learn more about INTUO - Engage
Get honest answers about employee engagement! Now featuring Employee Satisfaction with eNPS. With easy onboarding tools and applicant tracking as part of our award-winning HR platform, BambooHR makes employee engagement, recruiting, hiring, and new-hire transitioning smoother than ever. E-signature, time-off tracking, performance management, and reporting, plus a convenient mobile app to help HR pros be more efficient and more effective. Learn more about BambooHR BambooHR applicant tracking and onboarding tools set you free to recruit the best talent for your business. Start a free trial today. Learn more about BambooHR
Reward Gateway helps to increase employee engagement and drive business results through a tailored platform that combines employee recognition, communications, surveys, discounts, benefits, and wellbeing in one unified hub. We partner with you to create fully branded solutions aligned to your employee engagement goals, and to reflect your unique mission, culture, and employer brand to drive the highest levels of platform usage. Learn more about Reward Gateway One unified hub with employee recognition, communications, surveys, discounts, benefits, and wellbeing to increase employee engagement. Learn more about Reward Gateway
Kronos Workforce Ready is a human capital management suite of tools on a single unified cloud platform that helps you manage the entire employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retire. Solutions for HR, recruiting, onboarding, time tracking, payroll, and more are easily accessed through a single intuitive interface. Automated and scalable tools provide a single source of truth with common reporting, dashboards, and robust workflows. Included self-service and mobile app allow easy, anytime access. Learn more about Kronos Workforce Ready Kronos Workforce Ready is a full HCM suite of automated and scalable tools that integrates HR, payroll, time and attendance, and more. Learn more about Kronos Workforce Ready
Measure Employee Engagement by getting real-time feedback from your organisation. Include custom Online Surveys, Coaching Sessions and 1-click reports. Trusted by hundreds of companies, eloomi is ideal for engaging different workforce generations. Learn more about eloomi Measure Employee Engagement with custom Online Surveys, Coaching Sessions and 1-click reports. Learn more about eloomi
Culture Amp is the leading People & Culture Platform helping companies take action to improve employee engagement, retention and performance. We make it easy to understand what drives employee commitment, pride, recommendation and motivation, and to improve your people's journey from onboarding to exit. Discover why nearly 3000 companies trust Culture Amp. Get a demo at CultureAmp.com. Learn more about Culture Amp Culture Amp is a People & Culture Platform helping companies take action to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance. Learn more about Culture Amp
CEOs & HR teams use Leapsome to create a continuous cycle of performance management and personalized learning that powers employee engagement and the success of their business. With Leapsome you can run engagement surveys, pulse surveys, and collect eNPS to gather meaningful feedback and insights from employees. With the powerful survey analytics you can understand the engagement drivers that impact performance levels and employee churn so you can develop and retain your team. Learn more about Leapsome Uncover the hidden drivers of engagement & measure the pulse of your company culture with Leapsome's platform for employee engagement. Learn more about Leapsome
Enterprise survey software that empowers you to gain actionable feedback by monitoring employee experience (EX) and engagement across the entire lifecycle. Use automated onboarding, pulse engagement, exit surveys... Start from our best practice templates. Close the loop with shareable reports, dashboards, alerts and follow-up tools. Import your organization's hierarchy and other data and use them in report filters and shares. Clients include L'Oreal, Toyota, Citibank, Q8, Heineken. Learn more about CheckMarket Enterprise survey software that empowers you to gain actionable feedback by monitoring employee experience (EX) and engagement. Learn more about CheckMarket
Ambassify is the platform of choice to develop and apply your employee engagement or customer advocacy strategy. Our enterprise customers utilise Ambassify to master their internal communications, drive employee engagement, and create their pool of brand advocates. Once you build your internal brand advocates, you can naturally build your external customer advocates who can massively increase your brand awareness, build trust, generate new leads and increase your sales. Learn more about Ambassify Ambassify is the platform of choice to develop & apply your employee engagement strategy. All the tools you need, in a single platform. Learn more about Ambassify
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Cultr is an award-winning tool for shaping culture and engaging employees, and currently helping companies learn how to work from home. Using challenges and mini-missions, it nudges employees to action and creates an authentic view of the culture and of actions manifesting it. Cultr is based on the assumption that learning from examples of other peoples behavior is a major mechanism of behavior change. Cultr offer campaigns for work from home, to boost belonging etc. Or for any custom objective. Learn more about Cultr The world's most exciting engagement tool. Cultr uses peer-to-peer social nudging to shape culture bottom-up. Including work from home. Learn more about Cultr
engage4 is great for organisations of all sizes. It provides leaders and employees with a unique toolset and content to help improve employee wellbeing and engagement via an easy to use mobile app. Track, measure, encourage and improve employee wellbeing with points and badges designed to increase positive engagement and behaviour. Sign up to our free minimum 30 day offer Learn more about engage4 Stay home, stay safe, stay engaged. From one platform, engage, motivate and keep a check on your employees wellbeing with new engage Learn more about engage4
Zonka Feedback CX Platform is a multichannel Survey and Feedback Software to transform the way you manage Employee and Customer Experience. Measure the right CX metrics including Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score & Customer Satisfaction Score. Take feedback and conduct surveys across multiple channels Tablets, Online, Email, & SMS. Keep your team aligned, view responses and collaborate to close the feedback loop. View insightful feedback reports to target Customer Delight and Growth. Learn more about Zonka Feedback Zonka Feedback CX Platform is a multichannel Survey & Feedback Software. Measure, improve and transform Employee Customer Experiences. Learn more about Zonka Feedback
Employee engagement done right. Simple but powerful, Weekly10 measures and improves an organisations engagement performance through a habit-forming, weekly process. Utilising the latest science from the realms of motivation, behaviour change and communication, our weekly check-in empowers you and your managers to build a workplace culture that maximises performance. We drive and deliver measurable improvements in employee engagement for clients around the globe across all industries. Learn more about Weekly10 Build a better culture. Weekly10 puts regular, open feedback at the heart of your business to power growth, performance and engagement. Learn more about Weekly10
Gather employee feedback and gain meaningful insights. Set up your own research or save time with one of our smart employee engagement programs and discover if employees are energized by their work and if your company has an experience driven culture. Use the feedback of your employees in day to day and strategic decisions. Motivate the organization by sharing meaningful insights and powerful dashboards and infographics. Start a 30-day free trial and discover the endless possibilities. Learn more about CYS Gather employee feedback and gain meaningful insights. Set up your own research or save time with one of our programs. Free Trial. Learn more about CYS
For large enterprises Rallyware Employee Engagement Platform delivers the right engagement and business activities to the right individual at the right time. The platform connects company-specific goals with the workforce performance data utilizing personalized engagement programs, science-based gamification, social and communication features, and much more. Having been adopted in 57 countries Rallyware supports over 20 languages for millions of users around the globe. Learn more about Rallyware Rallyware Employee Engagement Platform Learn more about Rallyware
The Impraise People Enablement Platform, helps you not only measure engagement with a seamless and repeatable survey experience, but it then helps you take action to improve. Empower your people to accelerate performance and development with helpful Reviews, OKR Management, regular 1:1s, Real-time feedback and more. Keep a pulse on how connected, valued, and involved individuals feel company-wide, and then take action with the People Enablement Platform. Book a demo today to learn more. Learn more about Impraise Impraise engagement surveys help keep a pulse on how people feel company-wide, but also provides the tools & support to take action. Learn more about Impraise
Web and mobile solution for companies of 100+ employees to improve employee engagement via automated feedback collection. VibeCatch enables the setting up of automated polls collecting relevant feedback from your employees. You can use your own questions or our scientific QWL framework with ready-made questions and automatic analysis. Our QWL method is the only scientifically validated method guaranteed to have an impact on employee engagement as well as your company's financial results. Learn more about VibeCatch Web and mobile solution to improve employee engagement via automated feedback collection, analysis and real-time reports. Learn more about VibeCatch
Enboarder is the only Enterprise Onboarding Platform focused on improving Employee Experience. Brands like McDonald's, Eventbrite, Shopify & TomTom use Enboarder to improve their talent retention and coach their people leaders during the onboarding journey. With on-hand support from Enboarder's dedicated customer success team, use our intuitive platform to quickly build, deploy, and scale onboarding journeys that engage, amaze and connect both your new hires and manager. Learn more about Enboarder Enboarder is the only Enterprise Onboarding Platform focused on improving Employee Experience. Learn more about Enboarder
Kudos is a corporate social network and peer-to-peer recognition system designed to engage your teams with enhanced communication, collaboration, appreciation, and recognition. Kudos is simple, scalable, flexible, effective and affordable. We service clients that range from 250 to 20,000 users in over 80 countries and 30 verticals. If you care about your team, culture, and communication - Kudos can work for you. To learn more about Kudos check out our website or give us a call! Learn more about Kudos Kudos is a corporate social network and peer-to-peer recognition system designed to engage your team. Learn more about Kudos
Monitor, quantify, and analyze your employees¿ experiences in real-time with SoGoEX. The platform empowers HR and organizational leadership to drive comprehensive change through employee engagement, an exchange of ideas, and secure opportunities for collecting honest feedback. SoGoEX¿s advanced features and customized solutions will address your toughest business challenges. Learn more about measuring employee sentiment ¿ schedule a demo with an employee experience expert today! Learn more about SoGoSurvey Enterprise Gather, analyze, and leverage data to transform the employee experience with SoGoEX. Learn more about SoGoSurvey Enterprise
WebHR is revolutionizing the way HR works. WebHR is a Social all-in-one Cloud based HR Software for Small & Medium Enterprises that handles everything from Hire to Retire, in the most innovate way. WebHR not only saves money to the companies, but also boosts productivity, saves space and make inter and intra-office communications fast, reliable and more efficient. WebHR assists in managing a companys most important asset - its People. Learn more about WebHR WebHR is everyone's favorite and a global leader in Cloud HR - Helps you manage the most important asset in your company - your People! Learn more about WebHR
Bitrix24 is world's most popular free employee engagement and recognition software platform, and there is a good reason for it (hint - it's not just because Bitrix24 is free). First, it comes with important gamification elements, like badges, likes or company pulse. Second, it's social, which fosters the spirit of collaboration and grassroot connections. Finally Bitrix24 is available in cloud, on-premise (open source code) and on mobile. Learn more about Bitrix24 Bitrix24 #1 employee engagement and employee recognition platform. 4 million companies rely on free Bitrix24 HR platform. Learn more about Bitrix24
Spinify supercharges employee engagement by focusing a team on accomplishing key metrics, and celebrating achievements. Spinify leaderboards create friendly competition by displaying performance data on the office TV. When a target is reached, a personalized video rings out as extra motivation. Engaging your team with Spinify enables customers to reach and surpass objectives, resulting in increased productivity and output. Results such as a 4x increase in pipeline being created. Learn more about Spinify Spinify leaderboards supercharges employee engagement by focusing a team on accomplishing key metrics, and celebrating achievements. Learn more about Spinify
Employee engagement is one of the most important indicators in gauging work satisfaction. 7Geese allows you to unlock engagement within your team by, opening communication channels, helping your people grow, involving your people in the company, and publicly recognizing and rewarding their hard work. This is achieved through a suite of tools including OKRs, goal setting, 360 feedback, employee engagement surveys, employee-driven feedback, 1-on-1s and core values based recognition. Learn more about 7Geese Easy-to-use tool for employee engagement surveys to give you a pulse of your organization and employee satisfaction. Learn more about 7Geese
Research driven, proven and affordable Employee Engagement platform with built in Gamification for Employee Social collaboration, Pulse Survey Tool, Idea Generation, and employee rewards. Add on modules include 360 feedback, Performance Management, Goal Setting and eLearning. Proven to improve employee engagement inspired by the Gallup's Q12 approach, Engagedly takes a comprehensive and employee driven approach to talent management. Learn more about Engagedly Proven employee engagement platform with Gamification, Social Collaboration, Survey and Rewards Learn more about Engagedly
Beekeepers mobile platform is the single point of contact for your frontline workforce. With all communications and tools in one place, teams can improve business agility, productivity, and safety. Teams can resolve issues faster and manage non-routine work more efficiently, thanks to an intuitive employee experience and seamless integrations. Learn more about Beekeeper Beekeeper is an award-winning Employee Engagement platform designed to connect every employee and improve internal communication in any Learn more about Beekeeper
Qualtrics EmployeeXM (EX) creates a snapshot across the entire employee lifecycle, automatically prioritizing key drivers of engagement and experience so you can build strong teams, drive productivity, and reduce unwanted attrition.You gain the power and flexibility to tailor your engagement program to meet your needs, whether that includes a regular employee census survey or ad-hoc pulse surveys. In addition to world-class technology, we offer consulting and a 24/7 live support team. Learn more about Qualtrics EmployeeXM Qualtrics EmployeeXM is the best engagement platform to build strong teams, drive productivity, and reduce unwanted attrition. Learn more about Qualtrics EmployeeXM
Discover a seriously simple tool that brings people together. Why? Because today's organizations are more complex than ever: people are dispersed, there's more info, and we have more ways to communicate than ever before. Engaging employees is a noble goal, but it shouldn't add to this complexity. You need a way to help people participate in your culture and feel the value of the contribution they make. Jostle is designed to empower people and organizations. Learn more about Jostle Jostle is the only intranet designed to simplify life, and keep it simple as you grow-so your people and your organization can flourish Learn more about Jostle
GaggleAMP buyers typically fall in the B2B space, with an active social media presence, regardless of industry, and have a large net of employees, stakeholders, and partners in which they can serve curated social media posts and engagement opportunities. We enable companies to boost the distribution of workforce communications and social media messaging. This aids in employee engagement, leveraging them as a thought leader while increasing their activation within an organization. Learn more about GaggleAMP We help employers get content directly to their employees for internal communications or social media amplification and engagement. Learn more about GaggleAMP
Unlock your employee engagement with Hivebrite, the most advanced all-in-one employee community management and engagement platform. Easy to set up and fully branded to match your colors, Hivebrite helps you build employee engagement and create opportunities for your private community. Manage your employee database, centralize the communication with your employee, create events and collect online payments, all from a single user-friendly interface. Learn more about Hivebrite Unlock your employee engagement with Hivebrite, the most advanced all-in-one employee community management and engagement platform. Learn more about Hivebrite
Drive timely insights from employee engagement surveys with Blue Enterprise-class survey software. Blue¿s automated process means deep insights can be achieved in an instant and be shared across your organization with ease. Get the whole picture through aggregate results and enjoy the flexibility to filter down to the finest details. What sets Blue apart? - HRIS integration - Portal integration - Automated evaluations - Aggregate reporting Learn more about Blue Engagement Surveys Power your organization's engagement survey process with Blue, a robust and fully automated employee experience management software. Learn more about Blue Engagement Surveys
Happy at Work is a modern and digital service for continuously measuring employee well-being in your organisation. Our survey can be done in only 10 seconds! You can keep connected to your employees and collect continuous feedback about their work situation, at the office or at home with simple and insightful questions. This allows you to quickly detect negative trends within the organization, in order to resolve the problems before it is too late! Learn more about Happy at Work The fastest way to track employee wellbeing! Our vision is to make it easier for managers to detect challenges in the organization. Learn more about Happy at Work
Increase employee engagement quickly and easily with MyHubs cloud-based intranet software. MyHub is a low-cost solution that provides an out of the box intranet with a range of powerful business tools designed to improve internal communications and employee engagement. Such as staff directory, profiles, secure login, mobile friendly, document/file storage, blogs, forums, custom pages. Whether you are looking for an intranet for small business or a corporate, we cater for all company sizes. Learn more about MyHub Create your perfect intranet quickly and easily with MyHubs low-cost, cloud-based intranet, complete with powerful business tools. Learn more about MyHub
Engage and motivate employees with leaderboards, TV celebrations, rewards and real-time competitions. Celebrate your employees on TV, web and mobile app when they complete key tasks such as booking a new meeting, sending an offer, closing a new deal or submitting a new project design... and watch engagement and workplace culture skyrocket as a result! Fully customizable, Integrates with many CRMs and guaranteed to increase performance and motivation. Learn more about SalesScreen Engage and motivate employees with leaderboards, TV celebrations, rewards and real-time competitions. Learn more about SalesScreen
Beekast is an online platform that helps you create, lead and track your meetings and training sessions, whether theyre remote or in-person. Add structure to your meetings and make them more collaborative and creative with easy-to-use activities. You can also capture data in order to keep a written record of all the ideas generated. With Beekast, your meetings will be impactful and lead to concrete actions ! Learn more about Beekast Beekast is collective intelligence tool that makes your in-person or remote presentations more effective. Learn more about Beekast
High-performing companies have found ways to enrich the employee experience, leading to purposeful, productive, and meaningful work. Gtmhub's alignment, transparency, collaboration, and recognition features encourages this for your team. Easily schedule 1on1s and solicit and receive feedback. Most importantly, managers can easily view the progress of an individual, with all feedback and recognition given and received. Gtmhub is ideal for medium to large companies. Learn more about Gtmhub Software to help figure out if you're winning, by how much, and who's helping the team using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Learn more about Gtmhub
Multirater Surveys has been designed to assist management teams to maximize employee engagement and performance levels. This powerful online people analytics survey platform not only provides a range of template surveys (including 180 Performance Review, 360 Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Client Pulse and Board Evaluation) but also the capability to edit/delete/add questions to create fully customized surveys that are guaranteed to meet all of the organizations requirements. Learn more about Multirater Surveys Online customizable Employee Surveys provide management teams with the ability to obtain feedback and measure engagement levels Learn more about Multirater Surveys
tomHRM is a cloud-based HR software, integrated suite of human resource solutions designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline and manage processes for employee engagement, recruitment, on-boarding, talent development, training, and one-to-one meetings. The solutions implemented in tomHRM allow companies and employees to enhance work productivity and benefit from digital workplace. Learn more about tomHRM Grow your company with the right tools! tomHRM is an all-in-one cloud-based HR software designed to help SME's development teams. Learn more about tomHRM
SkipsoLabs allows you to streamline the end-to-end management of your employee engagement, intrapreneurship, or recognition program. Collect key insights from your employees, manage ideas through a pipeline, and inform your organization's strategic decisions. Initiate awards programs to recognize excellence in your organization, and motivate your staff. Help encourage participation in your engagement or recognition program through the platform's gamification and crowdvoting functionalities. Learn more about SkipsoLabs SkipsoLabs allows you to streamline the end-to-end management of your employee engagement, intrapreneurship, or recognition program. Learn more about SkipsoLabs
Appreiz redefines employee engagement ,talent management using social recognition. The App interface delivers a simple powerful platform for co-workers, managers and partners to provide instantaneous recognition and feed forward for demonstrated competency, value or skill . The Dashboard provides powerful people insights for managers . Integrated with Slack and Microsoft Teams with Intelligent bots. Engage your employees with gamification, pulse, CheckIns ,Mentoring and training.. Learn more about Appreiz Engage employees. Maximize Performance. Appreiz is a complete employee engagement solution integrated with performance management . Learn more about Appreiz
niikiis is an exciting employee engagement platform that boosts the levels of enthusiasm and connection employees have with their organization so that they are passionate and involved with their work at all levels and organizations register higher profits. Engage new and existing hires in exceptional journeys using a chatbot interface, a built-in LMS and authoring tool, a chat function and more. Learn more about niikiis niikiis is an exciting employee engagement platform that boosts employees' levels of enthusiasm and connection with their organization. Learn more about niikiis
Cocoom is a Microsoft Teams APP that helps you build a source of knowledge to improve support and collaboration within teams, organization and beyond. easy publishing clear and simple organization cross team knowledge threads available beyond your company push and notify everyone Start now and be effective from day one thanks to our templates repository: Human Resources, welcome booklet, Objectives & results, Project management, Agile methodology, Marketing Learn more about Cocoom Add Visual Knowledge within Microsoft Teams to improve efficiency and collaboration between teams ! Learn more about Cocoom
Designed to monitor small and medium teams, Team Analytics enables companies to take a data-driven approach in improving office environment. With its straightforward feedback and reporting system, Team Analytics makes it ridiculously easy to follow mood swings and track conflicts reported in your monitored departments. Learn more about Team Analytics An effortless, yet powerful employee feedback solution to monitor office vibes and detect issues in your departments. Learn more about Team Analytics
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SellPro is the only employee engagement, training and insights solution designed specifically FOR RETAIL. SellPro helps product brands, retailers, and store employees make in-store experiences ones WORTH having. Engage, communicate, gather insights, all in the mobile-first app. Integrated gamification and rewards, certifications, knowledge base and more, to keep everyone in the retail channel on the same page. Together, we can save retail. Learn more about SellPro Engage, communicate, and gather insights, all in the mobile-first app for product brands, retailers, and retail employees. Learn more about SellPro
UltiPro® simplifies complex HR processes and helps improve the employee experience for HR, managers, and all employees. Manage all your employee data in a single, comprehensive human resources solution for a complete view of your workforce. UltiPro automatically tracks all HR-related data about your people, including personal information, employment history, talent data, and much more. Ultimate Software's solution seamlessly connects employees with the information and resources they need to work effectively.
15Five is a leading continuous performance management solution that not only guides employee growth and development but empowers people to become their best selves. Through strategic Weekly Check-Ins, 15Five delivers everything a manager needs to maintain visibility and impact employee performance, including continuous feedback, Objectives (OKR) tracking, recognition, 1-on-1s, and 360 reviews. Thousands of forward-thinking companies use the solution to bring out the best in their people. Through a lightweight weekly check-in, 15Five delivers everything a manager needs to impact employee engagement and performance.
Motivosity is an employee engagement platform. We don't mess around: Our customers experience a 95%+ user engagement rate. Motivosity promotes trust, better connects employees, and makes visible all the great work your team members are doing. We offer free trials and a six-month money-back guarantee. Motivosity is used by companies like HealthCatalyst, BlueHost, Instructure, and Workfront to improve employee engagement and company culture. Take a closer look. #thanksmatters Motivosity is an employee engagement platform that helps people be more motivated at work.
Dayforce is a global HCM platform that transforms the employee experience. It unifies data from across the entire employee lifecycle to enable better decision-making at every level. Dayforce is a comprehensive cloud platform that combines HR, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management in a single application. Our scalable platform is built with a single, flexible rules engine combined with real-time updates and calculations that help address complex regulatory requirements. A global HCM platform that transforms the employee experience.
Web-based payroll and HCM solution assist in reducing administrative tasks and maintains accurate time and attendance data for individual employees all in one place. In addition, new hires are automatically added to the system, streamlining the processes even further. The platform can be accessed 24*7 from any given location using the mobile application. Web-based payroll and HCM solution that helps small to large enterprises manage and track employees' compensation, benefits and more.
Trakstar's Employee Engagement software helps employees and managers alike have a safe place to share wins and discuss challenges on a regular basis. Measure and improve employee engagement, execute company pulse checks and employee opinion polls. Discover the information you need to create a working environment where people have the opportunity to reach their potential. Learn more with a free demo! Motivate low performers and retain your best employees with Trakstar¿s employee engagement tools. Get a free demo!
SurveyGizmo helps company's measure Employee Engagement simply and without hidden costs. We make it easy for you to collect Employee Feedback and connect it across the organization while maintaining high standards of security and data governance. With SurveyGizmo, you have the power and flexibility to create an Employee Engagement program that fits the unique needs of your company. We make it easy to integrate employee feedback into your HR system automatically, helping you take action faster. Measure Employee Engagement simply and without hidden costs. Automatically integrate this feedback into the HR systems you already use.
Fond is a global SaaS platform that seamlessly consolidates employee rewards and recognition processes into one easy-to-use solution. With Fond, employees and managers can recognize each other, redeem rewards, access exclusive corporate discounts, and measure success so HR departments spend less time managing programs and more time driving results. Fond is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Fond is a global SaaS platform that seamlessly consolidates employee rewards and recognition processes into one easy-to-use solution.
Get answers fast with Nextiva Surveys, our custom employee engagement software. Collect the answers you need to understand your staff and make better decisions. Featuring nine question types, survey templates, email notifications, skip logic, and more, Nextiva Surveys provides all the tools needed to measure respondents. Plus, businesses can customize landing pages, thank you pages, colors, and everything in between! Seamlessly integrate with other Nextiva products for a full view of employees. Get answers fast with Nextiva Surveys, a custom online employee engagement software, to better understand your staff.
Performance Pro Engagement Solutions is a leading employee engagement application for companies with 50 to 5,000 employees. Engagement Solutions brings the power of anonymous survey analytics together with performance management. The process identifies and improves employee engagement by highlighting areas for improvement and uses HR consultant-generated content to empower employee driven communication with leadership. Engagement Solutions automates the employee experience improvement process. Bring the power of anonymous survey analytics together with performance management to identify and improve employee engagement.
Hi5 makes it easier for people to manage people. It's a simple, easy cloud solution that enables employees within companies to recognise and rate each other to free up management and HR teams from laborious admin. Hi5 measures Appreciation, Goals, Culture and Happiness by allowing employees to give continuous feedback. Simple cloud solution that lets employees recognise and rate each other. Hi5 measures Appreciation, Goals, Culture and Happiness!
We are Australia's first all-in-one HR, Payroll and benefits platform for employers and employees. With native integration to XERO, MYOB & Keypay, you can streamline admin heavy tasks and spend more time on the things that are important to you. Over 4,500 Australian businesses use Employment Hero and together we collectively manage over 125,000 employees. Visit our website to learn more. Employment Hero¿s people management software gives both employers and managers the tools they need to keep their teams engaged.
eXo Platform is an employee engagement platform that helps you to empower and engage your employees with better collaboration and communication and powerful recognition capabilities. Empower your employees by simplifying their work anywhere. Enhance teamwork with a wide range of communication and collaboration tools to invite members, manage projects, share documents, and collaborate in real time. Recognize desired engagement behaviours with gamification and reward capabilities An employee engagement platform that helps you to empower and engage your employees
Optimity is a hyper-adaptive employee success and wellness platform. It is designed to engage employees (77-98%+) and reduce costs for employers. Using the science of micro-habit coaching, we provide a mobile-1st experience for employees. Optimity apps sync with your current routines (calendar, other apps, wearables, etc.) to form small, healthy micro-habits that help you live happier and longer. HR leaders use the Optimity administrator panel to launch Health Risk Assessments and report ROI. SaaS solution that helps businesses create holistic wellness programs, schedule micro-activities, and collaborate with colleagues.
Build a happier, higher-performing company using the MangoApps. With an intelligent employee platform at its core, MangoApps is designed for & serves organizations with 50-50,000 employees in a broad range of industries from retail, healthcare, manufacturing, not-for-profit, professional services, financial services, media, technology and the public sector. Build a happier, higher-performing company using the MangoApps.
OnSemble is more than an employee intranet that keeps everyone connected it's a digital workplace that makes employees feel valued. OnSembles modern digital workplace keeps your remote teams engaged & working better together. No programming -OnSemble has easy to use built-in drag & drop designer with 30+ apps right out of the box. With 15+ years of implementation experience, OnSemble transforms how you communicate, collaborate, & connect. Request a demo or access our online experience today A Modern Digital Workplace to Keep Your Remote Team Connected & Engaged. Request a demo or access our online experience today.
Glissers ISO27001 certified audience engagement software shares presentation slides and livestreams to delegates devices in real-time, then uses audience interaction like Q&A, polling, social feeds, private notes to improve the audience experience and provide useful event analytics. Its simple to set up and requires no audience download. Award winning audience engagement solution for virtual and hybrid meetings and events.
Connecteam's all-in-one employee app is an industry leading solution to raise engagement, reduce turnover, get honest feedback and improve everyday productivity. Our platform packs highly customizable features so you can keep all employees on the same page: In-app chat for private or team conversations, anonymous surveys, a highly advanced employee directory, updates with or without comments and likes, easy and secure login, and so much more. A powerful and affordable solution! Try it for free! Connecteam is an easy-to-use platform, where you'll find everything you need to engage your employees like never before.
Ohana is a virtual place to connect and communicate with your work family - your Ohana. We help you enhance your culture, inspire engagement, and enrich the work life experience of all your employees. Interact more easily, more often, and with more people. Know about the people you work with and your company. Share meaningful information and moments. Experience your company culture in a whole new way. A mobile app used by companies to connect and communicate with their employees.
Employee engagement software for businesses that helps track the well-being of teams via analytics, feedback exercises, etc. Employee engagement software for businesses that helps track the well-being of teams via analytics, feedback exercises, etc.
Threads Culture Software enables organizations to better identify, monitor and protect their culture by making core values center to their performance management and employee engagement process. Conduct meaningful performance reviews that measures employees against your unique core values as well as their individual goals. Capture real time feedback to allow managers to react throughout the year and not just at review time. Threads culture allows you to review employees based on your organization's core values and culture.
Koan is the simple, collaborative way to manage goals and OKRs across organizations, no matter where they are located. The SaaS-based platform fosters teamwork, encourages communication and gathers data, ensuring that everyone is aligned and connected to the mission. Koan empowers companies to strengthen strategic processes and continuously deliver on objectives. Koan, a SaaS-based goal management tool, empowers companies to strengthen strategic processes and continuously deliver on objectives.
Engage your employees by developing a coaching culture. Engaged employees are part of exceptional teams, have the freedom to work on their own, and the ability to learn and grow every day. Best suited for 100-500 employee teams, Performance Culture uses the Performance-Values Matrix. The software includes Performance Reviews, Check-Ins, Coaching Templates, Goal Management, Employee Engagement Surveys, 360 Degree Feedback, Learning Management System and exclusive Coaching Videos. Award winning software to engage your team and manage performance.
Bambu by Sprout Social is an advocacy platform that gives your employees a simple way to share curated content across their social networks, dramatically increasing your reach on social media. Advocacy platform that gives your employees a simple way to share curated, pre-approved content across their social network.
Humble Dot is a manager tool that tackles the challenges of managing teams by building team camaraderie, visibility, and stronger relationships with direct-reports through automated lightweight check-ins. Humble Dot Templates allows teams to save hours by replacing meetings while making communication more efficient. Pick from our library of templates to get started in a flash. Examples include weekly status meetings, project retrospectives, 1:1s, and many more! Automated manager tool that helps build team camaraderie, visibility, and stronger relationships with direct-reports.
Lets face it: Most rewards and recognition solutions give people a bunch of crap. They either recognize people in ways that matter but fail to provide personalized and meaningful rewards, or they offer meaningful rewards but fail to support those rewards with a robust recognition platform. Wishlist is different. Wishlist is remarkably simple employee recognition software that creates a cohesive culture by showing meaningful appreciation for employees while driving results for the business. Wishlist is remarkably simple rewards and recognition software. Show appreciation for your people while driving business results.
Ascentis Talent management software empowers your number one resource - your employees. Performance management, compensation planning, succession planning, learning management, 360 degree assessment and more. Start Anywhere. Add Anytime. Learn more about the Ascentis industry-leading a-la carte full suite human capital management (HCM) technology platform supported by our ongoing commitment to delivering an unsurpassed client experience. Ascentis Employee Engagement software gives you the tools to empower your number one resource - your employees.
Officevibe is an employee engagement survey software with key features like anonymous employee feedback, eNPS tracking, reports for every team and the whole company, and an extensive improvement section. We provide real-time insights on your employees happiness & productivity. Our 350+ pre-build questions are based on industry standards and make sure every aspect of your company is covered. Officevibe provides the simplest way to measure employee satisfaction and gives you actionable tips to enjoy a better workplace.
Speakap provides branded communication platforms that foster structured dialogue with frontline employees. You can support and inform your entire workforce from anywhere at any time with Speakap's robust feature set. Used by 350+ brands in 27 countries, clients include Marriott Hotels, IKEA, Saks Off Fifth and Bosch. Stay on the pulse of your organization. Simply. Quickly. From anywhere.
Jive is an engine of engagement and employee experience hub that empowers, delights and unites your workforce. It improves everything from onboarding to training, collaboration and remote work, and it fosters a deep sense of connection that helps attract, develop and retain top talent. Features include: company news; HR resource hub; HR support center; templates for onboarding & other common use cases; peer recognition & social rewards; engagement & sentiment analytics; rich mobile experience. Jive Interactive Intranet software provides a complete platform for employee engagement, corporate communication and collaboration.
BullseyeEngagement fuels a dynamic employee experience with user-friendly talent development, employee engagement, and continuous performance management solutions. Our strategic planning tools help future-proof your business so you can make human capital strategy your competitive advantage. We'll help your business operate at its highest potentialwith employees engaged in their work and leaders focused on strategic initiatives, not spreadsheets and paperwork. Employee development, continuous performance management, and strategic planning tools in one user-friendly system
The best in class employee engagement/feedback platform, Betterworks empowers leaders to build trust and drive engagement. Using impactful surveys, instant polls and real-time employee voice, we combine behavioral science, advanced analytics, and benchmarks to provide insights paired with prescriptive action plans. Slice and dice capabilities across departments, location, tenure, etc, enables leaders to improve hotspots and build highly productive and engaged teams. Best for 100+ employees. The best in class employee engagement and feedback platform, Betterworks Engage enables leaders to build trust and drive engagement.
For the past 13 years, Energage has researched what separates Top Workplaces from the rest. Weve studied more than 17 million employee survey responses from well over 50,000 organizations. Weve figured out what great looks like, and we know how to win with culture. The Energage platform combines research, neuroscience principles, and expert guidance to help you unleash performance and realize the full potential of your workforce both at speed and scale. Cloud-based solution designed for businesses that helps manage employee recognition, organizational insights, brand value & more.
Teams are making sacrifices during this pandemic. Employee engagement shouldn't be one of them. Engage your team on the Assembly's FREE peer-to-peer employee recognition platform where co workers can easily recognize each other with meaningful messages and rewards and companies can manage culture spend with a positive and justifiable ROI. Assembly has a 95% employee engagement and can be easily integrated with Slack. Grow and sustain your culture with Assembly is a culture tool that drives 95% employee engagement with a Assembly. It's FREE fpositive ROI. It's FREE for UNLIMITED USERS!
Powerful survey software tool with 24 x 7 support & advice from survey experts. Perfect tool for businesses and consultants to uncover knowledge & ideas, make decisions & drive action. Create & deploy any type of survey. Engage employees and teams to uncover their suggestions & improve performance. Discover what customers say & recommend. Find out your Net promoter Score (NPS). Explore opinions & generate ideas. Conduct research on markets & potential customers. Powerful survey software tool for businesses and consultants to uncover knowledge & ideas, make decisions & drive action.
Do you know what your employee experience is REALLY like? TINYpulse helps you find out - by sending a quick, one-question pulse to your employees each week, available wherever your employees are working (iPhone and Android apps, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more). With tools for employee recognition, one-on-one coaching, and anonymous suggestions, TINYpulse lets you hear the input you've been missing. The platform for the entire employee experience. Start with a free 14-day trial.
Ascender provides end-to-end integrated Payroll and Human Capital Management solutions for 1,200+ global brands and listed companies across a range of industries in the Asia Pacific region. Our proprietary and award-winning payroll and HCM solutions are designed to give you more time and resources to help you focus on putting your people first, with various delivery models so you can choose the best service. Unlock the full potential of your workforce today with Ascender HCM. Unlock the full potential of your workforce with an award-winning end-to-end integrated Payroll and Human Capital Management Solution.
DeveLoop, by Sproutlogix, is an AI-based Employee Capability Accelerator platform that brings together five unique capabilities, to help clients, discover, assess, develop, measure, and correlate to business results all under one umbrella. With its smart intelligence around constructive coaching, its learning bot and a user-centric engagement model, upskilling becomes a must-have vs. a nice to have. An Intelligent capability development platform focused on developing only relevant skills to improve business performance.
The tool for business professionals who need to know how effective they are with the information they share with their customers to retain business and grow accounts. Ving is an engaging, trackable, digital packet full of your information with real time notifications and a dashboard to uncover your best practices. Your Ving may include: video, audio, images, documents, text and surveys. Ving connects business professionals with customers/clients to gain valuable feedback through sharing trackable information packets.
Synergita is a cloud-based, Employee Engagement & Appraisal Software. It is simple, intuitive & easy to use. Measure your employee engagement and improve work culture with quick to setup Employee Engagement Surveys. Create an inclusive work culture and find out what works better and what doesn¿t. Set up and conduct employee surveys quickly and easily. Prepare the survey form, notify the employees and get responses and analyze survey results. A continuous Employee Engagement & Performance Management Software to build high-performing teams.
Flex Surveys is a fully managed employee survey solution that helps organization improve employee engagement and satisfaction. We outsource the intricate & time consuming aspects of engagement surveys and have your internal staff focus on the critical tasks of analyzing results and implementing action plans. We provide insights that help organizations become a better place to work, with happier and more engaged employees.
Employee Engagement, Evolved. The agile engagement platform that uncovers how your people truly feel enabling mangers to create highly effective teams, retain key staff for longer and deliver better business results. At organisation, team or individual level WeThrive's unique 4Cs model leverages the latest psychological understanding to quickly deliver insights, actions and learning content that helps your managers create a high performance culture. Uncover how your people truly feel, create highly effective teams, retain key staff for longer and deliver better business results.
Quantum Workplace provides modern tools to elevate employee and business success by transforming employee voices into conversations, understanding, and positive action. Ramp up your employee listening strategy with their engagement product by delivering the right surveys to the right people at the right time. Their software has everything you need to collect, interpret, and act on employee voices with annual engagement surveys, automated lifecycle surveys, pulses, and cutting-edge intelligence. Elevate success by ramping up your listening strategy. Easily collect, understand, and take action on employee voices with Engagement.
Measure & improve workplace climate with weekly 360-degree mini-surveys. Increase engagement with our gamified system (bilingual). Team members can award their peers points and stickers on a wide variety of traits and activities. They can also share public and private suggestions. Points can be exchanged in our custom-made, easy to manage EPIC prize store. Clarity Wave's EPIC system measures over 60 points of data in real-time and provides your company with unparalleled insights. Measure & improve workplace climate with weekly 360-degree mini-surveys. Increase engagement with our gamified system (bilingual).
Blueboard is the employee rewards and recognition platform for the modern workplace. Reward with experiences - they're more memorable, personal and shareable than cash or gift cards. And they have lasting effects on the key metrics you care about - employee engagement, retention, and help to build a more positive company culture. Blueboard's platform makes sending experiential rewards easy, and unlike the status quo, our hand-curated experience menu is exciting and delightful for your employees. Blueboard is an employee recognition platform powered by hand-curated experiences. Improve employee engagement with meaningful rewards.
Structural brings together people data from across an organization to create stunningly rich profiles in an all-in-one people directory. The ability to access this data, via intelligent search, allows you to quickly and easily find and connect with experts in your organization, identify similarities in top-performing team members, and much more. Structural makes these profiles accessible to everyone so organizations can replace isolation and noise with connection, agility, real-time insight. Structural is an all-in-one people directory that uses rich profiles, intelligent search, and insights to connect your organization.
SurveyMonkey Engage is a purpose-built solution to help HR holistically understand and improve employee engagement. Pre-built surveys and automated deployments help remove the burden of engagement program administration. Rooted in social science, SurveyMonkey Engage takes a whole-person approach to understanding your employees relationship with the workplace. Decrease employee turnover and savor the bump in your bottom line. Start your free trial or demo today! SurveyMonkey Engage is a purpose-built solution to help HR holistically understand and improve employee engagement.
A seamlessly integrated employee recognition & engagement platform inside Outlook, Office 365, Workplace by Facebook, Sharepoint, and more. Recognize's integrations coupled with its feedback-loop builds a habit of recognition in your company. Features include: + Automatic employee anniversary and birthday recognition + On-the-spot social employee recognition + Manager recognition & notifications + Nomination voting + 100+ gift cards & company-managed reward system + Super customizable An integrated employee recognition platform with anniversaries, nominations, social recognition for managers and employees.
Build an extraordinary corporate culture and grow employee engagement! Applauz allows you to attract and retain top talent, increase productivity, track personal objectives and capture valuable employee insight, while promoting your companys mission, vision and values. With scientifically tested engagement features such as peer-to-peer recognition, pulse surveys, badge awards and a reward marketplace, our clients enjoy an average participation rate of over 90%.Try it now for free! Improve your company culture, support your corporate mission, reduce churn, & boost productivity with Applauz.