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RM (Relationship Manager)

A relationship manager (RM) is someone in an organization who liaises with clients, suppliers, partners, and investors. An RM might work on behalf of an entire organization or a department such as information services (IS). RM roles and responsibilities include negotiating contracts, maintaining business-critical communications, and networking with industry professionals and influencers. An RM helps businesses improve external relationships and reputation with outreach, engagement, and community-based activities. Typical RM skillsets include: -Collaboration -Critical thinking -Organization -Experience in a sales or marketing role -Leadership -Problem-solving -Time management

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About RM (Relationship Manager)

SMBs might hire RMs to improve communication, collaboration, and cooperation with other organizations. An RM might be the first point of contact for clients when an SMB negotiates contracts, establishes new relationships, or attracts new investment opportunities.

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