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IT Industrialization

IT industrialization refers to the standardization of IT (Information Technology) processes over time. Like other fields, IT is ever-changing and constantly adapting to meet the needs of varying types of organizations. This leaves quite a bit of room for error. To mitigate these risks, IT industrialization focuses on creating standards that define the best practices and then implementing them. With predesigned and pre-configured settings, IT practices are automated, repeatable, and reliable. This, in turn, creates predictable results at a lower cost with higher levels of customer satisfaction.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About IT Industrialization

IT industrialization is not a process that SMBs can implement, as it refers to changes within the overall industry. Despite this, SMBs can embrace the industrialization of IT by being flexible and open to changes in their IT practices. Some of the biggest concepts that move to the forefront with IT industrialization include implementing technologies such as automation and AI (artificial intelligence).

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