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Enterprise Nervous System (ENS)

An enterprise nervous system (ENS) is the intelligent network that unifies connectivity across a virtual enterprise. It connects people, applications, systems and devices in different locations and units within that enterprise. An ENS is similar to the human's central nervous system, which gathers information from the body and serves as an internal command center. ENSs have evolved from the traditional enterprise network, elevating the role of a network beyond that of regular communication. Unlike conventional networks, an ENS offloads work from application systems to transform messages, control and track business processes, redirect messages using logical business rules, and enhance quality-of-service for communication.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Enterprise Nervous System (ENS)

Small businesses, not just larger companies, can benefit from an ENS because it unifies connectivity across people, devices, applications and systems across the organization. By linking roles, technologies and processes, these businesses can carry out tasks such as sales, marketing, customer relationship management and financial management more successfully.

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