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2.5G was the term used to describe the data network evolutions that came after 2G but before 3G. It had much of the same technology as 2G networks. However, it had packet-switched domains. This gave it additional capacity and reliability. It also operated at higher speeds, with a maximum of 384 Kbps. Actual speeds were usually much lower. Technology that used 2.5G included SMS, MMS, and a variety of games that could be played on mobile devices. 2.5G was supplanted by the 2.75G and 3G network.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About 2.5G

There was a time when small businesses that had data or cellular phone access used 2.5G extensively. However, like many other phone and data networks, these have been replaced by more active and robust technology. No piece of 2.5G technology works at this point. Indeed, even 3G technology, which came after 2.5G, is about to be phased out. A small business should continue to keep aware of the various new forms of technology that are available.

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