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Collaborative Commerce (C-commerce)

Collaborative Commerce, or C-commerce, refers to communication and interaction. This interaction can occur at multiple levels. They are common with internal communication (among employees or other partners) or among external stakeholders (customers who are located within certain industries). C-commerce allows for enhanced coordination and communication. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and additional profit for the businesses in question. This occurs as a result of enhanced communication that can better identify methods of making a profit or fulfilling customer needs.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Collaborative Commerce (C-commerce)

Collaborative commerce can be something as simple as partners using project management software—like Asana—to work better together. However, it can also involve in-depth, more formalized relationships with customers or influencers. It may require extensive relationship building and maintenance work. A small business may look to set up C-commerce with stakeholders. This process can be complicated and time-intensive, as it may take months or years to develop relationships.

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