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SIMM (Single In-line Memory Module)

A SIMM increases the available RAM (random access memory) on a computer. RAM provides computers with the ability to multitask and do tasks at speed, and typically, the greater the RAM, the better the performance. SIMM combines memory modules on a small circuit board. This plugs into a slot that connects to the motherboard of the computer. Some computers have several slots. This allows the RAM to be expanded multiple times. It's important to note that while some older systems still use SIMM, in most cases they have been replaced by Dual Inline Memory Modules (DIMM), which are much faster and more efficient.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About SIMM (Single In-line Memory Module)

As businesses expand, so might their software needs. Running faster software and more complex apps takes more RAM. SIMMs previously allowed companies to upgrade without replacing their full suite of hardware. Today, DIMM is the preferred option.

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