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Mesh Network

Mesh networks, or meshnets, are a form of network connectivity where a main router connects to a modem and then other nodes connect to this router. While it sounds similar to Wi-Fi, the critical difference is that all of these nodes share the same SSID and password. With Wi-Fi routers, each has its own SSID and password. Mesh networks are used to improve connectivity in areas where connections may be spotty or otherwise ineffective.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Mesh Network

Mesh networks are increasingly popular for use in SMBs. By instituting a mesh network, businesses can avoid weak connection spots. For example, if an office building has a department located in the basement (far from the main router), devices may frequently buffer or struggle to remain connected. With a mesh network, these dead spots are eliminated to increase productivity and the overall efficiency of the network.

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