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Head-mounted Displays (HMDs)

Head-mounted displays, sometimes shortened to HMDs, are small screens or projections that are integrated into eyeglasses or mounted on a helmet or hat. The display streams data, images, videos, and other important info into the user's field of vision. This can include heads-up displays, which places an image inline with a user's view of the real world, and retinal display, which places a projected image directly onto a user's eye so the user feel like they're looking at a screen.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Head-mounted Displays (HMDs)

Head-mounted displays have found use in all kinds of different fields, ranging from gaming to aviation engineering, and medicine. This is especially true with the rise of virtual reality headsets. While these headsets are not the same as HMDs, they do depend partially on HMDs to function. Small and midsize businesses can use HMDs and virtual reality headsets for more realistic training.

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