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Social Software

Social software is a term that describes all of the many internet-based tools that encourage, capture, and organize open and free-form interaction between people. A “socializing” technology, sometimes also referred to as Enterprise 2.0, it enables a grassroots approach to creating and leveraging collective knowledge. Also referred to as social apps, social software is an expanding field that includes communication and interactive tools that connect people to one another.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Social Software

For small businesses today, social software is essential to succeed. Some examples of social software include email, Facebook, Skype, instant messaging, web blogs, and chat rooms. Any communication tool that handles the capture, storage, and presentation of communication is social software. Social software brings together employees, customers, and partners for collaboration vital to achieving business goals. SMBs must leverage social software to reach customers and stakeholders at a distance and to scale effectively.