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Minutes of Use (MOUs)

Minutes of use (MOUs) measure a wireless user's total circuit-switched voice connection time. The term originated with analog telephone service. Today, the term is still used to measure digital communication patterns, including cell phone use and internet use. Although MOUs indicate ‘minutes,' the MOUs are often given as monthly totals for billing and other IT purposes.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Minutes of Use (MOUs)

Minutes of use is an essential term of measurement for all SMBs. Cell phones, tablets, internet services, and complex networks may all be billed using MOUs. The term might be seen in IT services contracts or cell phone contracts. MOUs are also used for more than billing. The measurement can be used to track equipment use, identify anomalies in technology usage, and for many other purposes. It is also currently used by researchers to describe any sensitive traffic equipment usage.

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