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Versatile Authentication Server and Service (VAS)

A versatile authentication server and service (VAS) is a type of security and accessibility tool. It can ensure that a user can use the same authentication method to access numerous devices or tools. A VAS works either on-site or with cloud software, increasing the ease of access to an entire suite of software. Furthermore, a VAS can easily integrate with other third-party software which enables a business to easily combine multiple tools in order to create a single overarching security system.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Versatile Authentication Server and Service (VAS)

The larger and more complex a small business's computer network gets, the more likely they are to need a VAS. A VAS can be a critical component of any business's security, and it is worth inquiring with an IT professional to see if there is value that can be achieved through its use.

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