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DASD (Direct-Access Storage Device)

A direct access storage device (DASD) refers to disk drive accessories. Specifically, these disk drives can be easily accessed at any point. A user should be able to use a DASD to find whatever information they want or need. This information should be accessible at any time, and each block of data on a DASD is assigned to a unique address that allows for the data to be found and accessed. A DASD is usually an attached disk drive, such as a flash drive or another removable form of storage.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About DASD (Direct-Access Storage Device)

Direct-access storage drives are common when sorting through and storing all types of data such as system, application, user, and termporary data. They are usually inexpensive, meaning small businesses can use these drives for their storage needs. Like any other storage device, a business owner must balance a variety of factors before using a DASD. This includes security, ease of accessibility, and the expense of the device. Backups may be needed for any DASD in case the device becomes lost or damaged.

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