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Service, retail, distribution, manufacturing, general office.

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Cloud based accounting/ERP application.

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Founded 2007

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Bizuno has a free version and offers a free trial. Bizuno paid version starts at US$300.00.


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Premium version includes all extensions customizing reports and support

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Bizuno Features

Accounting Software
Accounts Receivable
Bank Reconciliation
Billing & Invoicing
CPA Firms
Expense Tracking
Fixed Asset Management
Fund Accounting
Payroll Management
Project Accounting
Purchase Orders
Tax Management
Distribution Management
Enterprise Asset Management
Financial Management
HR Management
Inventory Management
Order Management
Project Management
Purchase Order Management
Supply Chain Management
Warehouse Management
Cost Tracking
Inventory Optimisation
Inventory Tracking
Item Management
Reorder Management
Serial Number Tracking
Supplier Management
Audit Management
Complaint Management
Compliance Management
Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA)
Defect Tracking
Document Control
Equipment Management
ISO Standards Management
Maintenance Management
Risk Management
Supplier Quality Control
Training Management

Bizuno Reviews for UK Users

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Ease of Use
Customer Service
Value for Money
Brett H.
Operations Mgr.
Wholesale, 2-10 Employees
Used the Software for: 2+ years
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  • Reviewed on 17/06/2020

"I found my solution"

Comments: Overall bizuno has been great, and saved us immeasurable amounts of time vs. quickbooks that we switched from. We migrated everything manually while also updating our part numbering system, descriptions, accounting and processes. It was a ton of work but did our best to make sure everything was well thought out. Now we reap the rewards of that work every day of the week. Not only that, for one price my whole team can use the software at the same time from many locations quickly easily and efficiently, if we expand bizuno will be able to handle it without any added hassle.

Pros: We had searched for a number of years to find the solution that best fit our business with the least amount of large changes to our processes. After about 3 years I came across Bizuno, by then I had a quick list of a few points that had killed most of the other systems we had come across before. Bizuno checked them all off, not only that by doing so, would save us mass amounts of time. Number one for us was pricing, the prices for customers were all different (for the same item), there were no price levels etc. If I couldn't transform that into something efficient it would continue to be a major time sink. Now we can program in every item that a customer buys, that is a % mark up over cost, we enter an order and the pricing comes up. If our cost goes up, so does their price, no missing price increases for the customers who don't purchase as often. This has saved us tons of time and prevented many potential mistakes vs. doing it manually as we had in quickbooks. Bizuno also offered us integrations with our service providers, so I can use MY ups discount, not have to purchase my shipping through inutit. Also having shipping integrated into the system process also took us from approx 15 min to ship an order down to ~1min. The same thing holds true with credit card processing , payroll info import etc., they are easy to do and take less time.

Cons: I have to say a feature that I would love to have that just isn't there is to operate the system via the keyboard. I had previously used AS400 at a job and loved it, sure it was ugly, but it was fast, did everything and I didn't ever have to take my fingers off the keyboard. Bizuno definitely relies on you being able to click on this thing or that to do some function, I wish I could tab through the fields to do x or y but typically you can't. I wish it had a WMS section where we could assign the items in our stock to specific shelves/locations in the warehouse and essentially track not only every item in our stock (which bizuno certainly does) but also track every items location. Some search functions don't necessarily search the way I would, but really not that big of a deal. I wish there was more in depth documentation on some of the features, but when I can't find something in the documentation support is usually able to help me out very quickly.

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  • Reviewed on 17/06/2020
Jordan H.
VP of Sales
Wholesale, 13-50 Employees
Used the Software for: 2+ years
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  • Reviewed on 18/06/2020

"Makes our small business run like big business"

Comments: Bizuno has been the backbone of our company for 20 years. Recently we built our quality management system around Bizuno and became ISO 9001-2015 certified through both stages without a single major finding. The software replaces several quality management personnel and helps reduce our over head. This cost saving can be seen in all of our departments thanks to Bizuno.

Pros: Bizuno was designed to help small business run efficiently and effectively. Every one of our employees use Bizuno daily for their jobs. From inside sales, manufacturing, shipping to the comptroller. I'm not just promoting our own software because we actually use it every day in our other businesses and provides real time data.

Cons: Bizuno is robust and easy to use once you have your business information imported.

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  • Reviewed on 18/06/2020