Gymnastics ScoreKeeper

by Peter Gysegem Software

Who Uses Gymnastics ScoreKeeper?

ScoreKeeper is used for meet setup and meet management by collegiate and high school women's and men's gymnastics teams. If you want a professional, smoothly running meet, this is your ideal solution.

What Is Gymnastics ScoreKeeper?

This is the number one program for collegiate and high-school meet management. It generates all necessary reports for setting up the meet, running the meet, and stats after the meet. It interfaces with all known display scoreboard systems through a variety of output modes. It generates attractive and customizable live meet results web pages.

It is also used by Sports Information to generate formatted results for news services and for tracking individual and team stats over multiple seasons.

Gymnastics ScoreKeeper Details

Peter Gysegem Software

Founded 1989

Gymnastics ScoreKeeper Pricing Overview

Gymnastics ScoreKeeper does not have a free version but does offer a free trial. Gymnastics ScoreKeeper paid version starts at US$400.00.

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Pricing Details

$400 includes 1 team, first season. Subsequent years are $200/year.

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Gymnastics ScoreKeeper Features

Gymnastics Software
Attendance Tracking
Class Scheduling
Event Management
Membership Management
Online Payments
Online Registration
Parent Portal
Score Tracking
Skills Tracking
Team Management
Wait List Management