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Vuelio helps organisations make their story matter by providing monitoring, insight, engagement and evaluation tools.

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Vuelio has an overall rating of 1 out of 5 stars based on 1 user reviews on Capterra.

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New Vuelio platform is not fit for purpose

1.0 5 years ago

Comments: The Cision platform in operation before end 2016 was great. It was clear, easy to use and allowed you to bulk multi-categorise your articles, which is a great time saving tool. The analytics provided very clear and simple graphics, which you could download for your own reports. You could easily click into records and amend them, add your own and generally have control over all your news. All in all, it was a seamless and efficient programme. Without consultation we were moved onto the new Vuelio platform in December 2016 and what a disaster. The website crashes at the simplest request such as closing a record, it's slow at the best of times and the bulk multi-categorising is no longer available. The company didn't include analytics when we first migrated so we have been unable to use the platform since this new one was launched. Despite sending support messages regularly, we have not been kept informed of progress and when pressed for dates when the problems will be fixed we are ignored. It's more time consuming and stressful than ever - when you have hundreds of articles to go through you don't want to be doing them individually, which this system requires you to do - that is before it crashes. If you're busy like we are you can't afford the time and why should you? That's why you buy a programme like this. So don't waste your money on it, it's useless.