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The Enablon BBS Software solution enables large & complex organizations to foster a safety culture and improve employee engagement by having workers easily report at-risk and unsafe behaviors and conditions. Capture observations, online or offline, and analyze them. Support a Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) program through the proper software and mobile tools. Learn more about Safety Observations (BBS) Management Software Enablon provides the most complete EHS, Risk and Sustainability Management software on the market designed for Fortune 500 companies. Learn more about Safety Observations (BBS) Management Software
The most trusted Safety Management Software solution by top performing organizations for over 20 years. Over 1.6 million users access our user-friendly, mobile compatible applications every day. Ensure the safety of your employees, reduce your enterprise risk, drive safety culture and improve safety performance. Our customers achieve lower incident, LTI, DART and OSHA recordable rates and seamless compliance with OSHA reporting and ISO 45001. SAAS pricing and user community. Try It Free Today! Learn more about Safety Management Software 1.6 million users worldwide. User-friendly software to manage Safety Incidents, Training, Permits, Audits, Documents, Risk and more! Learn more about Safety Management Software
Engage EHS is helping organisations to engage their workforce in health & safety and transform their approach to data management with easy to use mobile and desktop technology. Our hands-on health and safety experience enables us to clearly understand our clients specific needs. Hence, in response to COVID-19, we have tailored our solution to help organisations with their response to the pandemic. Learn more about Engage EHS Software Cloud based solution helping organisations manage RA's, incidents, audits, training, plant, contractor & PTW. Learn more about Engage EHS Software
Based on Office 365 and SharePoint, Pro-Sapien's modular safety software system offers seamless integration with the Microsoft programs you use everyday. Trusted throughout the world in highly regulated industries, our flexible platform helps drive safety improvement by equipping clients with configured forms, workflows and KPI dashboards. We don't count users, and you can deploy on-premise or in the cloud. See the user-friendly software in action free today! Learn more about EHS Software on Office 365 Enterprise Safety Software on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 for seamless compliance Learn more about EHS Software on Office 365
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Safety Manager Workplace Safety Simplified Plan, manage and implement, in a single, highly flexible tool designed to support the way you work today and into the future. Freedom to easily design health and safety forms and processes exactly the way you want. Chemdoc COSHH Management made easy Give control back to those managing chemical safety by directly sourcing SDS on your behalf and supplying you with the tools and information to complete custom and relevant risk assessments. Learn more about Safety Manager | Chemdoc The simplest path to a safer workplace. Software for a safer workplace - tailored to your needs. Learn more about Safety Manager | Chemdoc
Quentic is your OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY SOFTWARE. The central software solution supports you in providing a high standard of occupational safety at your company. Document and evaluate risks, determine actions to take and reduce accidents and health risks. Quentic makes the requirements of ISO 45001 that much easier to fulfill. The system has been officially inspected by an external source. Get started with your free demo version today! Learn more about Quentic Safety Management Software Quentic is your OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY SOFTWARE. Modular and flexible. Can be used from anywhere online! Learn more about Quentic Safety Management Software
incy.io is an easy-to-use tool to support the Safety Management of your organisation. Customise the reporting categories to suit your needs, report incidents and observations, add images and other attachments to give additional information, assign follow-up actions and handle root cause analysis with ease. In the end, you can analyse the risks and trends in your organisation from the real time statistics. Check the material below and start improving the Safety Management of your organisation! Learn more about incy.io The go-to solution to improve Safety Management in your organisation. Report observations, handle investigations and learn from data. Learn more about incy.io
ComplianceQuest is an end-to-end Enterprise Quality and Safety Management System (QHSE = EQMS + EHS) built on the Force.com platform. Our EQMS suite offers: Audit CAPA Change Complaints Document Equipment Incidents Inspection Nonconformance/Deviations Risk Supplier Training Our EHS Suite Offers: Health and Safety Environmental Sustainability Contractor Permit to Work/JSA App to extend Work.com coming soon. See work.com for more details. Learn more about ComplianceQuest ComplianceQuest offers a 100% cloud based Enterprise Quality and Safety Management System (QHSE = EQMS + EHS) built on the Salesforce.c Learn more about ComplianceQuest
Safety management software made easy. Work from anywhere to improve workplace health and safety with QT9's all-in-one web-based solution. Identify and manage safety risks, track nonconformances, assign corrective and preventive actions (CAPA). Increase traceability and reduce risk by providing the tools for employee training, injury record keeping and strict regulatory compliance (OSHA, FDA, ISO, Food Safety & Aerospace). Synchronize data across multiple sites & improve your safety performance. Learn more about QT9 QMS Safety management software made easy. Improve workplace health and safety with our web-based solution that allows you to work anywhere. Learn more about QT9 QMS
Crises Control helps organisations keep lines of communication open by making it easy to send notifications to any number of people at once, allowing for immediate, individual response with an automatic audit trail. Crises Control is invaluable for providing up-to-the minute notifications to users, minimizing the impact to peoples safety, damage to the environment and the organisation. Learn more about Crises Control Crises Control helps organisations keep lines of communication open by making it easy to send notifications to people at once. Learn more about Crises Control
Lumiform is a highly intuitive and extremely powerful App for all quality and safety inspections and audits. It replaces your paper-based systems and enables you to improve your quality and safety and also save time and money. Learn more about Lumiform Intuitive audit and inspection app for all quality and safety workflows. Learn more about Lumiform
i-Sight case management software is a web based solution to manage investigations. Dashboard reporting and a custom report writing wizard give you real time data on case status and trends. Our customers use i-Sight to manage investigations of Fraud, Employee Relations, Ethics, Privacy, Compliance, Security, and Health & Safety. With i-Sight, you and your staff will be better equipped to collaborate on cases and maintain complete case histories with instant access to all related information. Learn more about i-Sight i-Sight case management software delivers robust functionality, easy integration and the best user experience available. Learn more about i-Sight
VelocityEHS is obsessed with simplicity. We design software your people will actually use. Manage SDSs, incidents, near misses, inspections, JSA's, actions, safety meetings, and access real-time reporting, fast. Our mobile solution is built around the way you work and fits seamlessly into your day. A Leader in the Verdantix Green Quadrant, more people trust VelocityEHS than our top five competitors combined. We wont break your budget and you can be up and running in just a few weeks. Learn more about Safety Management Software VelocityEHS Safety Management: the mobile solution to centralize and standardize your EHS activities and make it all visible to you. Learn more about Safety Management Software
Build forms, capture data, automate workflows. Forms Manager makes it easy for manufacturing, construction, field service and healthcare organizations to automate workflows including inspections, audits, incident reports, employee suggestions, work orders and so on. Forms Manager is used by thousands daily at top organizations - including Unilever, Georgia-Pacific and Xerox - to manage compliance, maintenance, health & safety, quality, human resources, and continuous improvement processes. Learn more about Forms Manager Your easy-to-use, highly configurable and secure forms automation and standardized workflow solution. Learn more about Forms Manager
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Office 365 SharePoint Safety Management Software. Manage the entire incident management lifecycle for EHS with an easy to use App on your Microsoft SharePoint Office 365. Use the case management software to incorporate best practices with case specific forms, easy case reporting, workflows,case manager review, investigations, root cause, corrective actions, approvals, search, reporting, real-time dashboards & much more. Customers include large, mid-size and small companies across industries. Learn more about ConvergePoint Health and Safety Extending Office 365 & SharePoint platform to report incidents, manage investigations, find root cause, CAPA, approve & close incident Learn more about ConvergePoint Health and Safety
Simplify your operations with ProntoForms. Seamlessly integrate with your safety system of record. Streamline your business processes. Our low-code app platform enables you to develop HIPAA-compliant EHS forms tailored to meet each job's unique compliance requirements. Enterprise-grade analytics tools create insightful and interactive dashboards to help you predict potential risks before they occur, and respond faster when they do, with accelerated data sharing and incident reporting. ProntoForms HIPAA-compliant smart mobile apps simplify your EHS management operations and streamline your business processes.
GoCanvas Safety is the only solution designed to give safety professionals real-time visibility into their safety program AND make sharing results with customers a breeze. With GoCanvas Safety paper forms are a thing of the past. Robust reports and dashboards make it easy to quickly identify safety program insights and trends. And it¿s all customizable, so you can operate your safety program the way you want to. GoCanvas Safety gives safety professionals real-time visibility into their safety programs and easy sharing of results with customers.
Most intuitive Safety Software with world class Analytics. The easiest way to manage your entire safety program from mobile apps and the web. SiteDocs features a custom form builder, PDF document library, worker certification management, offline-mode, and more. SiteDocs will help you easily manage your safety program while saving you time and helping you maintain the highest standard of safety possible. Complete all your safety forms and documents on mobile devices from the field. Login online to track and monitor safety activity.
TRUCE (Formerly Cellcontrol) delivers Contextual Mobile Device Management solutions to eliminate device distraction in the workplace. Temporarily suspend or allow access to mobile apps and features based on the work being performed, the work location or the workgroup. TRUCE's patented CMDM platform enables companies of all sizes to minimize liability/expense and legal/reputational exposure while also improving employee productivity. Platform provides a comprehensive solution to enforce policies. TRUCE is the leading CMDM technology solution provider that eliminates device distractions and enforces all your device policies.
Mango helps control and maintain all aspects of your quality, health, safety (QHSE) management system(s); including: policies, procedures & forms (with single-source document control); accidents & incidents; Audits/Inspections; Improvements (NCR's, CAPA's, etc.); hazard & risk management; and people management (competencies & training). In addition, Mango helps our customers manage their Plant & Equipment (including scheduled maintenance and requests), Food Safety, & compliance calendar. Integrated QHSE management system software, Cloud-based, helping SMB's manage compliance activities in a single, easy to use solution.
Safesite is a free, easy-to-use digital safety solution for individuals and teams who want to collaborate, ditch paper, and improve safety. Over 4,000 companies trust the Safesite platform to conduct safety inspections and audits, drive team safety engagement, and empower every worker in their organization to be a safety champion. Free, easy-to-use digital safety solution for individuals and teams who want to collaborate, ditch paper, and improve safety.
A powerful, intuitive, and flexible health and safety software solution, Cority enables you to efficiently manage risk and regulatory compliance. Our certified safety management professionals have spent over a decade working with clients to develop a state-of-the-art workplace safety solution. Our workplace safety software is designed to help you grow and improve your Safety programs, while ensuring every worker is safe while on the job. Workplace safety management & safety compliance software from Cority
Gensuite Safety Management Software increases employee involvement in processes relating to risk identification and reduction, compliance, and accountability for employee safety. The integrated suite of applications streamlines safety and risk assessments, observation tracking, and compliance for managing industrial hygiene, ergonomic risks, issuance of work permits and helps develop Lockout Tagout procedures. Discover why more than 1 million users trust Gensuite. Gensuite Safety Management Software increases employee involvement in risk identification and mitigation to achieve compliance.
This isn't just a tool for your safety team to manage OHS documentation for your workers. Your entire company is aboard the SafetySync train, from stakeholders, to the safety committee, to ops, to HR. Each person has their own SafetySync account to access your safety program online from wherever and whenever, while your safety team can easily track and trend safety compliance for your company. We provide compliance and recognition software that helps SMBs create and maintain safe, aligned, and diligent workplaces.
A form completion app to help manage assets and processes for industrial and construction companies. A form completion app to help manage assets and processes for industrial and construction companies.
Dashpivot safety management system enables construction, mining, oil and gas and other industrial companies to capture, manage and track all of their safety jobs more effectively - including permits, SWMS, inductions and pre-starts, checklists, reports and hazards. Use Dashpivot to improve your safety processes, be more compliant and get everyone and your reputation home safely. Dashpivot is used by companies in over 100 countries today. Try it for free to see why. Safety software enabling companies in the industries to streamline how they capture, organise and track safety inputs and outcomes.
iScout is a complete EHS management software with simple, user-based pricing and no long-term contract. Features include an intuitive forms editor, automated alerts and reporting, asset audits and inspections, training management w/ optional access to a library of mobile-friendly training content that is editable and translatable, document management, regulated driver management, an open API, and more. Native iOS and Android apps allow offline functionality. Keep your team safe and informed. Digitize your forms & submit w/ app, analyze trends, automate alerts, conduct & manage training, assign tasks, inspect equipment.
This app is perfect for all industry groups! Whether you're a safety manager or safety consultant, this inspection management system will simplify safety! Use it to document inspections, analyze data and track corrective action items to ensure closure in a timely manner! Track data in real-time from 1 to 1,000's of employees, across multiple entities without paying Enterprise level pricing. Works on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as your laptop or desktop computer! Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to conduct safety inspections, analyze and trend data, track corrective action items and more!
Qualtrax is a complete quality and compliance software used to manage and control documentation, automate business processes, manage customizable workflows, streamline organizational safety programs, manage internal and external audits and ensure implementation of critical industry regulations in real-time. Ideal for heavily-regulated industries, where compliance with standards including ISO 17025, 17020, 13485, and 9001, TNI, GFSI, FDA, and FQS are required. Quality management solution that helps users manage documentation, compliance, safety policies & procedures, and testing & training.
#1 All-in-one Safety Management solution. Pick & choose from over 30 apps to create a fit for purpose solution perfect for your organization! Donesafe's Health and Safety software connects your management system from workers in the field to the management team in the boardroom. Donesafe makes it fast and easy to access, enter and report EHS data in real time. Donesafe is a modern & fresh online platform that works on any device, including an offline native iOS and Android app. #1 Safety Management platform to solve ALL your requirements. Simple for workers to use, simple for managers to customize.
WorkClout helps manufacturers, construction, and field service increase safety and reduce incidents. WorkClout Performance Support Software helps industrial labor perform to their highest potential by centralizing on-the-job employee training, corrective/preventive actions, safety procedures, inspection management, and performance tracking enabling a culture of continuous improvement and lean. WorkClout is available on iOS, Android, and Desktop. WorkClout centralizes safety procedures & checklists, inspections, training, corrective actions, and employee performance.
1) Targets 99-1500 employees w/ sales > $100 million 2) Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation, Warehouse & Healthcare 3) Leverages modern learning methods: microburst training, mixed-media content 4) No Plugins/downloads 5) Provides visual dashboards & detail data tracking at all levels of engagement 6) Ability to include customer-created content 7) Multi-channel delivery: text, email, QR code & social 8) Provides access to training anywhere on any device 9) ROI is often < 1 year Modern Microburst Employee Training Management Technology with robust distribution options, tracking, and reporting.
Regroup empowers better mass communication that keeps people safe and informed at all times. The companys award-winning, cloud-based mass communication platform is what clients around the globe rely on to send both emergency and day-to-day communications to millions of people. By enabling one-tap messaging to multiple channels, Regroup Mass Notification helps organizations keep people safe, strengthen operational resilience, mitigate risk, and thrive in an increasingly unpredictable world. A push notification solution for organizations with features for multiple department communication, multi device integration, and more.
Trusted by large organizations with unique requirements, DevonWay SMS is tailored to your exact business rules, data, and workflow, minimizing change management and virtually guaranteeing project success. Customers such as Day & Zimmermann, NiSource, and MSA use our Safety Management applications to minimize risk, improve safety, and resolve deficiencies. Our U.S. based experts are available 24/7/365 after implementation to ensure you meet your goals over the long term. Continuously improve the quality, safety, and performance of your operations with a fully tailored solution that doesn't require IT.
Created specifically for the research community, our software mitigates risks by standardizing and automating laboratory safety processes, inventory, and reporting. Our scalable solution decreases risk and improves productivity for: Asset & Equipment Management, Biosafety Registration & Committee Review, Chemical Inventory, Hazardous Waste, Inspections & Audits, Occupational Health & Risk Assessments, Radioisotope Management, Training and more. Academic, Life Science and Government Laboratory Risk Management. Simplified.
Safety management software made easy. Work from anywhere to improve workplace health and safety with QT9's all-in-one web-based solution. Identify and manage safety risks, track nonconformances, assign corrective and preventive actions (CAPA). Increase traceability and reduce risk by providing the tools for employee training, injury record keeping and strict regulatory compliance (OSHA, FDA, ISO, Food Safety & Aerospace). Synchronize data across multiple sites & improve your safety performance. Safety management software made easy. Improve workplace health and safety with our web-based solution that allows you to work anywhere.
Form.com specializes in taking any audit, inspection, or field data collection process and turning it into a fully integrated mobile application. Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders use Form.com applications to improve quality, promote safety, and ensure compliance in the field by streamlining operations, improving oversight, and capturing actionable insights in real time. Visit Form.com to begin your operational transformation today. Form.com is an award-winning provider of forms automation solutions for the enterprise.
allGeo a leading provider of cloud-hosted, low-IT low-code field service automation solutions that helps mid-size & Enterprise businesses achieve field service excellence through automation. The allGeo platform helps businesses automate & customize their field service workflows to better manage & optimize their field operations, field employees & field assets. With allGeo, Field service businesses can significantly reduce payroll & operations costs while improving productivity & accountability. A 360-degree cloud-based platform with Industry-specific solutions that helps our customers automate their field service operations
SafetyTek's widely adopted, cloud-based EHS software gives businesses the automation and data insights needed to proactively protect employees health and safety. SafetyTek supports workplace safety by simplifying mandatory processes, enabling positive safety cultures, and reducing the carbon footprint using state-of-the art technology. Safety, HR and other managers can easily engage and empower employees, and gain the real-time data insights needed for better decision making. In 4 weeks, discover where safety breaks down, 6x productivity, decrease worksite incidents 85%, and make safety a revenue generator!
Used by more than 100,000 professionals to complete over 2,000,000 inspections annually, Certainty is a proven enterprise-level solution for any inspection based compliance, risk, or performance management program. Certainty allows for data entry from paper, browser, Excel import or the Certainty app & has all you need to design & manage audit/inspection checklists; collect & report audit data; & manage & mitigate the risks, incidents & issues identified in the audit process. Certainty is a trusted enterprise-level inspection solution to manage & report business risk, compliance & performance.
ecoPortal is a cloud-based EHS management system. It helps to transform confusing paper forms, complex spreadsheets and clunky legacy software into a simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface. The software is highly configurable to suit the requirements of any organisation. ecoPortal is cloud-based, configurable software that simplifies the management of health & safety, environmental and enterprise risks.
An easy-to-use software and mobile app for managing worker and process safety through employee engagement. We let all your employees be a part of the conversation to make a safer, more productive workplace. Report incidents, near-misses, submit observations and conduct inspections from any mobile device. Then use the safety management system to open investigations, complete regulatory reports, assign follow up and organize your safety data using Sospes' advanced analytics software. The award winning software for reporting incidents, near-misses, observations and conducting inspections from any mobile device!
Discover a smart, reliable online safety training program with over 500 EHS and HR courses designed by regulatory in-house subject matter experts, and based on OSHA, EPA, DOT, and international standards to keep your employees safe and compliant. Assign, train, and track every employee in any location across the globe. With a full-featured LMS option and over 12 million course completions to date, SafetySkills is the easy-to-use, flexible training program you've been looking for. Award-winning online EHS and HR training courses to save you time, improve safety culture, and maintain regulatory compliance.
eCompliance safety software is the leader for improving worker participation in safety. The eCompliance mobile app connects workers with head office, creating a two-way conversation so safety leaders can make faster, fact-based decisions, and executives gain an unrivaled view of safety risk across their company. With the mission to eliminate 1 million incidents, eCompliance offers a real-time safety environment, empowering organizations to improve EHS performance. Empowering EHS professionals to predict and prevent workplace incidents and improve safety performance.
EHS Insight is the best value in Safety Software available today. With a fresh, user-friendly interface and everything you need to automate and improve your safety program, it will be the must-have application of 2020. Don't settle for outdated software or one of those little 'forms' tools. Get a comprehensive solution that includes every feature you can't live without. Trust the industry leader: first with offline access, first with a full-suite mobile application, and first in the cloud. EHS Insight is the best value in safety management software available today.
Predictive Solutions works with organizations to deliver actionable insights on workplace risk while creating a lasting culture that eliminates incidents. We leverage artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and a dedicated team of safety professionals. We've helped organizations cut down on incident rates by 83%, reduce lost time due to incidents 88%, and establish a safety-first workplace culture that prevents incidents before they happen. Predictive Solutions is the only safety platform that answers the question: Will I have an incident tomorrow, and how can I prevent it?
IndustrySafe Safety Management Software is easy to use and allows you to track and analyze incidents, corrective actions, inspections, hazards, training and more. Our dashboard module allows you to see key safety performance indicators and metrics at a glance. Training managers, employees, and even contractors can complete over 150 popular online safety training courses with IndustrySafe's training content add-on. IndustrySafe also generates OSHA Log reporting as well as DART/TCIR rates. Manage incidents, claims, action tracking, inspections, hazards, training and more; OSHA and FROI reporting.
HANDS HQ is an innovative risk assessment and method statement platform for specialist contractors that reduces accidents, keeps projects on track and wins more work. HANDS HQ has been purpose-built for construction, M&E, facilities management and other high-risk industries to create high-quality risk assessments, method statements and COSHH assessments 80% faster than any other solution that experience lower document rejection. An online health and safety platform for creating project-specific risk assessment and method statements in minutes.
You're concerned for the safety of your employees and fleet drivers. LifeSaver Mobile will dramatically reduce your employee and fleet driving distraction from mobile phone use. Our software tools and reporting will keep your employees off their phones behind the wheel. Reduce cell phone distracted driving for your mobile workforce.
Our safety management platform is truly like no other. No longer do you have to implement mass amounts of information for the platform to work. Send us your documents and let us do all the heavy lifting. We set your crews up, we train your office personnel and you sit back and watch the real time information come in with the below features automated specifically to make your life as easy as possible. Workers Profile · Manage Employees · Manage Certificates · All Company Documents Powering a safer today for those building our tomorrow. Digital forms, certificate tracking, subcontractor, and asset management tools
AssessNET is a powerful cloud based Health and Safety management system, designed by safety professionals within our software business. AssessNET delivers real-time H&S compliance so you and your team can easily manage tasks, duties and records, giving you visibility and insights to achieve complete control of your organisation's H&S performance. Drive your safety culture and gain peace of mind, enhancing safety and wellbeing. See it for yourself to find out why we are different. Due diligence will save you time, money & hassle. Check us out for free, 500,000+ users can't be wrong. AssessNET - be on the safe side
SafetyPlusWeb is a comprehensive safety management solution. Whether you are a small company without a dedicated safety manager, a mid-sized firm with a Safety Director, or a larger company with a full safety department, SafetyPlusWeb offers you the support, organization, and resources you need to keep your employees safe, your company compliant, and your costs low. Safety management made simple.
A visual tool that helps people determine cause and effect relationships and apply effective solutions to prevent problem recurrence. A visual tool that helps people determine cause and effect relationships and apply effective solutions to prevent problem recurrence.
Sicureasy.com is a software for managing workplace safety, quality and the environment fully developed in cloud. It has been developed for professionals, consultants and companies (from SMB to the big industry), without user limits. Sicureasy.com is a software for managing workplace safety, quality and the environment in the cloud.
Nektar Data provides mobile data collection and management as a CMMS and safety solution to numerous clients in Construction, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Transportation, Utilities, and more. Our solutions are flexible and work as simply as field staff require, giving your organization a broad range of benefits from increased efficiency to higher profitability. We work closely with our clients, getting to know your business and your unique needs. Nektar is a diverse, intuitive mobile data collection and management platform designed to allow our clients to leverage their data.
Cloud-based, software solution to track your fleet, drivers, and high-value assets to help manage DOT and OSHA safety compliance. Software includes modules for personnel, assets, incidents, and training. Cloud-based, software solution to help manage DOT and OSHA safety compliance for personnel, assets, accidents, and training.
Safety Champion is intuitive, cloud-based safety software that has been developed by safety professionals using QMS principles. Designed for businesses delivering a full safety program across multiple locations, Safety Champion provides you with a centralised management system everyone in your business can use with ease. Services; Full training and resources, native iOS and Android apps, free webinars, professional safety advice, online support, reporting and analytics, and more. Cloud-based safety management software for every business - helps you streamline your safety tasks and duties in one central location.
Protect your business and ensure regulatory compliance with mandatory training requirements. Scrap the spreadsheet, with WalletCard occupational health & safety records are easily and automatically updated to reduce the administrative burden of training management. With a collaborative digital safety record at it's core: our technology eliminates manual tracking of fragmented paper records by consolidating all documentation into one easy to access cloud-based solution to prove due diligence. Eliminate paper records & manual tracking of workplace certificates with a secure, collaborative, all-in-one risk management solution.
Safety Management Software is a multi-featured web based application. With user-friendly interface that has been designed and developed by leading EHS professionals. To manage all your EHS requirements. Its different modules provide synergistic benefits to any organization as it can manage real-time EHS records and compliances on fingertips. It is a cost-effective solution for organization of any size. Safety Software- Discover the peerless functional approach in-blend with intuitive digital engines for compliance and perform
Basicsafe was built to make your life easy. Most EHS managers have good programs but the tools they have are holding them back. Paperwork and spreadsheets can be frustrating, time consuming, and unreliable. Our EHS tools take the processes you are used to and simplify them, allowing you to get the most out of your program and save time! Companies such as Boise Cascade, State of Colorado, Oregon Dept of Corrections, and Kaiser Aluminum, rely on BasicSafe! Available on mobile, tablet, and computer Tools include: LOTO, Audit, JSA, SDS, Incident & Investigation, PSM, Training and many more. Try BASICSAFE and experience the success!
ProcessMAP's EHS software solution empowers organizations to streamline Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) and Risk related processes and manage associated risks. It establishes company-wide consistency and provides real-time insight to optimize the overall EHS & Risk performance. ProcessMAP offers the most integrated suite of EHS & Risk software in the market that empower organizations to streamline EHS & process
Skytrust is a cloud based integrated management system providing a holistic integrated management approach to your organisations compliance and due diligence. The user-friendly tools assist with risk management, safety, quality, environment, inductions, assets and plant management. Skytrust delivers a real time dashboard providing trending performance indicators. Designed to directly align to Australian and International Standards, this approach has proven successful in any industry sector. The all-in-one platform to manage compliance, gain accreditation, win tenders and create a safer and productive workplace.
ITRAK 365 is the most scalable and adaptable QHSE software solution for the Microsoft Cloud. It is designed to help manage the Quality, Health, Safety & Environment processes of today's dynamic businesses. ITRAK 365 works to streamline the data collection and reporting processes with a high degree of accuracy, enabling companies to achieve and maintain compliance in the face of increasingly strict safety regulations. ITRAK 365 - The most scalable and adaptable QHSE software solution for the Microsoft Cloud. Enrich your Safety & Compliance programs!
ZeraWare is a sustainable safety management system for managing the core components of an employee safety program: prevent accidents and ensure compliance with OSHA regulations. Use the dashboard to monitor the execution of safety functions 24/7. Identify problems. Track solutions. Ensure OSHA compliance too. The OSHA Log fills in automatically: no errors, oversight or penalty. Automatic alerts if OSHA recordable injuries occur or when safety training is due with topic and who needs to attend. Safety software for managing employee safety. Prevent accidents. Ensure OSHA compliance. Manage the execution of your safety program.
As businesses grow, their processes become more complex and soon they require a system to simplify those complexities. INControl can digitize any documents, manage workflow and processes and provide a backbone of reporting to facilitate informed decision making. INControl is a professional, well-defined platform that streamlines operational management processes, creates clarity in workflows and enforces ISO regulations. Comprehensive reporting can inform the future of your business INControl is an operational process management tool, focused on digitization and efficiency. Take CONTROL of your business!
NaviGate Prepared brings peace of mind to school safety. This intuitive software streamlines developing and implementing K-12 preparedness programs and empowers staff with critical information at their fingertips. From online drill logs to easy mobile access for staff and first responders, we provide tools to help schools create safer learning environments. A virtual response tool to develop and execute an effective K-12 school safety program, while enhancing emergency preparedness.
PaleBlue is the leading provider of Industrial VR Simulations, creating Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 3D simulators for the real world. Our solutions in digitization help our clients to intensify training, streamline workflow, improve safety, and reduce costs - worldwide. Ultimately, in partnership with its customers, PaleBlue seeks to make businesses run better, be safer, and have all the tools at their fingertips. Real world virtual environments allow workers to be trained on dangerous scenarios without any risk to themselves, coworkers, or equip.
Simplify compliance management and get everyone involved with your EHSQ goals! SafetyAmp is easy, cloud-based, mobile-friendly software to increase engagement, reduce risk, connect your workforce, and improve EHSQ workflows. Trusted across industries by today's workforce - SafetyAmp is the modern, configurable EHSQ solution you've been looking for. Trusted across industries by today's workforce - SafetyAmp is the modern, configurable EHSQ solution you've been looking for.
Occly is a cloud-based workforce safety management solution for businesses that can include propriety wearables. Occly's software features employee scheduling, thorough employee monitoring, innovative way-point touring, geo-fencing, reporting, and safety management all for a low monthly cost. Manage your team today in real-time with advanced metrics that keep you in control of your business. Streamlined and easy to use, Occly's online solution includes a web based portal and smartphone app. Occly is a workforce safety management solution for businesses that offers a suite of services and can include propriety wearables.
Its a unique piece of software developed by industry leading health and safety experts, be Accredited. The goal for the app was simply to streamline safety documentation and creation and help people to stay safe and compliant. Creating an app that will save time, resource and reduce stress by having your risk assessment information instantly accessible at your fingertips. It doesn't matter if you're a Sole Trader or Global Business our app will save time, hassle and money. Unique RAMs software that can create, duplicate, download and send your health and safety documents to work site managers.
Capture, Track, and Report on Safety Observations, Inspections & Assessments - Mobile App works Online & Offline - Attach Pictures and GPS Coordinates - Voice to Text Data Entry - Monitor Safety Indicators by Location - Real Time Dashboards - Create an Unlimited Variety of Checklist Templates - Assign and Track Corrective Actions - Schedule Reports for Automatic Distribution - Organizational Hierarchy Management - Corporate HR System Integration - Barriers & Root Cause Tracking Capture, Track, and Report on Safety Observations, Inspections & Assessments
Safety PAL is a unique multi language cloud-based complete Safety Management System for holistically managing your workers and contractors health, safety and wellbeing. Safety PAL sets a precedence for ensuring your organisation is fully compliant with current regulations. A complete multi language health and safety Management system that brings every organisation compliance with current regulations
Safety Directors use cerTrax to plan, perform and document OSHA and MSHA compliant Safety Training. cerTrax QR Codes and Cards provide on-demand access to safety and training records. cerTrax produces MSHA compliant 5000-23s, Part 46 and Part 48 documents. cerTrax produces OSHA compliant Training Records with Training Topics (OSHA 10, OSHA 30) Simple, Powerful Safety Training Management System for OSHA and MSHA site compliance.
EMS addresses all of the special issues associated with storing and using hazardous materials. Cradle-to-grave chemical tracking can be achieved by using EMS chemical inventory tracking software in conjunction with our hazardous waste management software. Easy to use cloud-based web application gives EH&S professionals access to real-time chemical inventory data to easily comply with federal, state and local environmental standards. EMS also simplifies chemical purchases, distribution, sharing. Management and reporting application that tracks and manages flows of hazardous materials to ensure compliance.
Much more than an electronic file cabinet. Provides unique interactive tools and guides to build, implement and maintain an effective company specific health and safety system. Includes over 120 programs, procedures, templates to download and edit. Provides tools to identify hazards, conduct risk assessments and select controls. The accident investigation module actually identifies causes, generates Corrective Action Reports. Priced to fit company size. Unlimited users with no extra charge. Provides unique interactive tools and guides to build, implement and maintain an effective company specific health and safety system.
Risk management tool that reduces fatal accidents and increases workers productivity through report generation. Stop findings from becoming accidents with ZYGHT. Our software integrates with IOS, Android and web browsers to deliver real time insights to management about in field operations. Risk management tool that reduces fatal accidents and increases workers productivity through report generation.
Beakon's Contract Management software is designed for organisations with 50+ staff in medium and high-risk industries. Keep track of all your contracts using one simple, user-friendly interface, and manage the full contract life-cycle. Including electronic signatures, version control, and approval workflows. Traffic-light notifications tied to flexible reporting, notifications, and reminders ensure that you can be confident your organisation is pro-actively managing contracts. Tracking and managing can be a full time job! Simplify and automate your contracts management processes with Beakon!
Medfiles modules can identify injury type and location and can track medical referrals, follow-up visits, patient activity, lost and restricted workdays, sick days, FMLA, disability absences and more. Data collected by Medfiles modules generate standard and custom reports. Medfiles is a cloud-based SaaS application that is secure and HIPAA compliant. MedfilesOHS EHS software is composed of different occupational health and safety management modules, which can be purchased bundled.
Highway collisions amount to 95% of all transportation-related fatalities, even though they are preventable using passive collision-avoidance systems, which assist and educate drivers on how to drive correctly and cautiously on the road while providing reaction time so that drivers are prepared before they apply their brakes. The aftermarket collision-avoidance systems pioneered by Safe Driving Systems (SDS) are unique because they maximize technology by incorporating both cameras and radar. Eliminate collisions and improve driver behavior with Safe Drive Systems Fleet management & radar-and-optic collision avoidance systems
In a world with an increasingly globalized marketplace and growing mobile workforce, its essential for organizations to implement new ways to keep their employees safe. For compliance, duty of care, business continuity, and, above all else, safety, employers need reliable ways to locate and communicate with their valued workforce and systems that allow them to respond quickly and appropriately if an incident or emergency occurs. Enables businesses to visualise their entire global workforce and incidents in one place.
One of the best compliance-focused LMS applications on the web today, Learning Suite 360 from 360training.com offers everything you need: off-the-shelf courses; the ability to quickly create your own online courses with feature-rich assessments, easy-to-use built-in activity and game templates, webinars, classroom courses, and discussion forums; versatile tools for managing learners in a variety of business, school, and reseller contexts; and the ability to generate revenue by selling courses. All-in-one solution for all your online course development. Our LMS and LCMS makes course creation simple and fast.
myosh is a globally recognised vendor of environmental health and safety management (EHS) cloud based software. Features include easy to use interactive dashboards and mobile apps servicing the requirements of many industries including government, defence, aviation, manufacturing, construction and mining. Customizable Modules include Risk, Hazard Identification, Incident Investigations, Inpections, Contractor, Injury & Training Management, Equipment & Chemical Registers, QR codes & More. myosh is a globally recognised vendor of environmental health and safety management (EHS) cloud based software.
The eSafety training system offers you a complete, easy-to-use OSHA training platform thats customizable for any companys specific requirements. Featuring interactive general awareness training courses, advanced reporting capabilities, and specialized support. We now also offer eSafety Contractor is a cloud-based software system designed to simplify contractor management and safety training by creating, requesting, and tracking documents, upload training materials and more! Online safety training through a scalable LMS that provides a truly powerful and cost-effective training solution.
Pro-Inspector is an enterprise transformation tool that digitally automates the inspection and audit process of an organization. It streamlines the approach with its Dynamic Checklists, NCR Management, Escalation Management, Evidence Gathering, Snagging Lists, etc. Pro-Inspector has a Global Dashboard that displays many charts and graphs for better decision making. Observe growth in productivity, accessibility to information, and organizational transparency. Pro-Inspector is a digital suite that automates inspections, audits and field services. It helps you master EHS and Quality Compliance.
Safer work environments At Safeguard we are developing a smartphone app, which is used to notify (on-site) emergency personnel when there is an emergency situation. Also we give real-time presence observation, so companies can see who is present from the emergency personnel and where they are. Also our app contains a conference call feature. For all of our features, take a look at our website or mail to [email protected] We help companies create safer work environments by implementing a full-spectrum, tech-driven approach to safety management.
Anvl helps companies improve efficiency, quality, and safety by supporting and engaging frontline workers. Anvl's workforce collaboration platform transforms processes, forms, and procedures into dynamic workflows. Eliminate paperwork and ad hoc methods in favor of a guided mobile experience. Drive engagement, productivity and collaboration through in-the-moment guidance for users, contextual work steps. Workforce collaboration software that provides one solution for safety, quality, and operational processes.
The platform includes interactive safety training that has both pre-built and customised content using 360-degree panoramic photos that shows gaps in safety knowledge. The platform provides mental health training on workplace topics using animated scenarios to teach coping strategies; 'one click away' help to the EAP for staff who need support; and an assessment on staff stress, anxiety and depression levels to determine early decline. Customers use the platform as part of their induction and on The Tap Into Safety platform keeps workers physically and mentally safe using interactive training software and predictive reporting.
AtOne - People & Compliance Software. HR, Performance & KPI Management, Safety, QA, Learning Management, Recruitment, Contractor Management, Action Management, Meetings, Plant & Equipment registers, system Alerts, comprehensive reporting feature and more! Integrated with Azure Active Directory affording one secure Single Sign On solution. AtOne's events calendar syncs with Outlook to ensure you never miss a beat! AtOne® - People & Compliance Software... delivering on all Fronts!
OSEA employs a team of 37 safety experts, including PhDs, CIHs, CSPs and more. You can have instant access to these experts on every job site! Use the app to log safety concerns, document walk-throughs, and create reports. Safety Badger will even send you product recall notices and regulatory updates. You can take pictures or text questions about any safety issues, and within 15 minutes, an expert will respond with recommendations or regulatory codes. A great tool for on-site safety managers. Application allows field technicians to upload pictures or ask questions about the safety of their projects.
Online WHS is a unique cloud-based system, which enables organisations to centralise and automate much of their WHS regulatory and operational processes, saving them time and money. Online WHS has been specifically designed and engineered to help businesses manage their safety responsibilities in a way that is affordable, efficient, and simple. Online WHS is recognised for being cost-efficient, comprehensive and easy to use.
Field staff can find themselves alone with little support if something goes wrong. Ok Alone was designed specifically to fill this need in a very cost effective way. Ok Alone users can checkin or send an instant help call through a handy smart phone app, text messages or a phone call. It also looks up their current location for the office to see. Best of all, OK Alone allows the monitoring of many people without being tied to a computer. Claim your FREE 7 day trial now! Only $5.00/person/mth View status of your lone workers, their last known location, automatically monitor their safety, all without being tied to a desk.
Our framework allows your organization to quickly on-board employees through easy access to training materials, policies, procedures, competency tests, etc. With a full suite of web and mobile applications to support your HSE program, including Employee Training, License Tracking, Inspections, Evaluations, Incident Reporting, Regulatory Compliance, Risk Assessment, Safety Meetings, Document Control, Task / Action Management. Measure your leading and lagging indicators through robust scorecards Compliance Science is a cloud based, software-as-a-service, Health & Safety Management Solution.
Workaware is a digital safety management tool with a unified, easy-to-use experience. Whether your staff are working remotely in the field or behind a desk their safety management software remains in sync with our cross-platform software and secure cloud. Our software is designed to help your business increase profitability, digitize workflows, and mitigate liability. Workaware is a comprehensive suite of EHS and GIS software designed to simplify your organizations safety and productivity initiatives.
Battle-Tested Software for Emergency Preparedness and Response. Over 600 emergency management agencies, 50 Federal agencies, 4000 hospitals and public health departments, as well as Fortune 500 companies and higher education institutions rely on Juvare emergency preparedness and emergency response solutions every day to track and manage all aspects of COVID-19. Accelerated solution implementations available in as little as 48 hours. Incident management solution that helps businesses manage crisis and planned events, regardless of size and complexity.
SkillSignal is on a mission to disrupt operational efficiency, EHS and compliance on high-risk workplaces (Construction, Manufacturing, Local Government...). SkillSignal is a mobile app suite that makes all processes that are exhausting and hard on high-risk workplaces smart and easier. 100% of our clients stay with us because they like how easy it is to get started, how much daily time they save on complicated field operations, how easy compliance becomes and how fast we move forward. Unique mobile app suite designed for high-risk worksites and making field operations, EHS and compliance smart, easy and efficient.
Compliance Manager APP is your on site monitor to ensure the tasks within our compliant WHS management system are undertaken. Unlike other methods, we provide and implement a complete safety system created by industry professionals utilised by major builders for many years. We supply systems, hardware and data plans with no need to employ IT support staff Please feel free to try our web based forms from the WHS management system Data on site is collected with our supplied android tablets An app based system to ensure that the WHS system processes and procedures are being implemented on site.
Safety and work permitting software used by any sector that requires EHS permit standards and auditing. Safety and work permitting software used by any sector that requires EHS permit standards and auditing.
Tired of maintaining Lockout/Tagout procedures using Excel? Want to standardize your Lockout program with new procedures? Brady LINK360 is the most complete and easy to use software for Lockout/Tagout and Confined Space management. Over 650 companies with 6,000 sites in 25 countries trust LINK360 for their Lockout/Tagout program. Easily create visual procedures on the web or with mobile apps, import and label images, export to PDF, perform periodic inspections, print labels and tags. Most complete and easy to use software for Lockout/Tagout and Confined Space that saves time with procedures, inspections, and tagging.
Health, safety and compliance platform accessible at anytime and from anywhere. It provides AI and machine learning insights. Health, safety and compliance platform accessible at anytime and from anywhere. It provides AI and machine learning insights.
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Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) management software for professionals on the move. EHS Tracker is a cloud or server based suite of apps and workflows to manage all aspects of ISO 14001 & 45001 based EHS programs and processes. This integrated system can be used by small or global teams alike to manage the entire EMS/SMS workflow stack; from data collection, automated messaging and notifications, data analytics, reporting and even integrations with your company's Office 365 or systems. ISO 14001 & 45001 based Environmental, Health & Safety management systems for EHS professionals on the move!