Managing the complicated employee schedules, days off and various shift patterns can seem daunting if you’re still using spreadsheets or pen and paper. Such traditional methods could lead to project failures or delays. Therefore, to avoid the hassle, we have come up with the five top-rated employee scheduling software in the UK. 

Top employee scheduling software headquartered in the UK

Looking for the right employee scheduling software to effectively manage your workforce? Employee scheduling software solution can provide your business with the ability to manage schedules for your teams and allow employees to have real-time access to their schedules so they are always aware of their changing shifts. 

This article reviews five of the top employee workload management tools on Capterra UK, listed in alphabetical order. For this list, we considered software companies with headquarters in the UK, each with an overall rating of at least 4.4 out of 5 stars. You can find the full methodology below.

Five of the top UK-headquartered employee scheduling tools
What is the importance of employee scheduling in the modern workplace?

Some common benefits of managing employee schedules in the modern workplace include the following:

  • The ability to avoid the use of spreadsheets to manage employee schedules, which usually requires the creation of a new sheet for every pay period. Employee scheduling software instead automate the process by allowing organizations to access pre-configured templates that can be used continuously, thereby saving time spent on building schedules manually. 
  • Creating the right employee schedule can help them remain productive as they know exactly what they are supposed to work on each day.


Introduction to Deputy and its key features [Source: YouTube ]

Bizimply is an employee scheduling software that helps users simplify employee rotas, manage time and attendance, and optimise labour costs across multiple locations. With the help of this tool, users can track live time and attendance from anywhere and integrate their timesheets directly with their payroll solution. With Bizimply’s database, users can create records of training completed by each member of staff, record daily sales and monitor business KPIs. 

Moreover, some helpful features of this tool include payroll management, employee self-service, and shift swapping. This software also helps users to receive staff schedules on their mobile, clock in remotely and chat with their colleagues. The pricing plan for this software depends on the number of employees, locations and products that users would like to buy. More information about the different plans can be found on the tool’s official website. 


Introduction to Deputy and its key features  [Source: YouTube]

Deputy software helps users manage employee workload, and schedule staff across different roles or locations. This software also allows users to fill shifts based on employee availability, training, and cost. Deputy also allows users to send employee schedules straight to their team via desktop or mobile. Additionally, this tool gives users a clear view of how their wage costs compare to sales so they can potentially improve their labour cost percentage.

Deputy’s app helps users share available shifts with their team instantly. The break planning feature of this software allows users to schedule multiple breaks and break types in a single shift. The smart leave management feature of this tool allows employees to independently request time off, and schedule more efficiently with clear, reliable availability and leave balance insights. The software does not have a free version available. More details on the paid plans can be found on the tool’s official site. 


Overview of RotaCloud employee scheduling software.  [Source: YouTube]

Rota Cloud is an online employee scheduling software that helps users schedule shifts, record time and attendance, and manage annual leave. Whether users use a fixed clocking-in station or a mobile device to clock in, employee timesheets in RotaCloud are generated instantly, and stored securely online. Also, lateness and absence are automatically highlighted on the employees’ timesheets. 

Additionally, some other helpful features of this tool include payroll management, employee self-service, shift swapping, and communication management. RotaCloud’s time and attendance solution gives users one, easy-to-read report at the end of the month, covering everything from hours worked to overtime and paid leave. The software does not have a free version available. Additional details on the paid plans can be found on the tool’s official website.


Benefits and primary features of Rotageek software. [Source: YouTube]

Rotageek employee scheduling software allows users to request, approve and have real-time visibility of leave and absence requests that populate directly into their schedules. With the shift planning feature of this tool, users can build schedules using the intuitive drag-and-drop feature. Users can also apply pre-defined shift patterns and plan shifts effectively with employee and business constraints factored in.

This software also allows employees to use their mobile app to clock in and out of their shifts, request leave and set availability. Additionally, timesheets can be created instantly from employee schedules. Also, to save time and avoid bureaucracy, managers can bulk approve timesheets by employee, day, or all that are showing as outstanding. The software has multiple different subscription options available, the details of which can be found on the tool’s official website.


Overview of Sage HR employee database [Source: YouTube]

Sage HR software helps users manage their workforce online with onboarding, eSignature, employee database, announcements, workflow builder and integrations. The software gives employees remote access to payslips, company policies, and more on mobile. Users can also centralise employee records for full visibility of their entire workforce. Furthermore, the tool gives users the option to build transparency within their team with the help of a shared calendar. This also permits users to choose what information colleagues can see about each other.

Additionally, the tool offers some helpful features, such as payroll management, employee self-service, shift swapping, and communication management. The software also allows users to submit their timesheets for approval at the end of the period (e.g. weekly or monthly). Approved timesheets can then be merged into a collective report for the payroll department (external provider or in-house). The software does not have a free version available. More details on the different paid versions can be found on the tool’s official website. 

How to choose the right employee scheduling software for your business?
When selecting a product, make sure to select a vendor who is specialized in providing an employee scheduling software solution tailored to your particular industry. Also, having access to a helpdesk or customer support is one of the crucial assets when choosing a vendor as it helps you get quick answers to your queries.
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For this report, we analysed multiple employee scheduling software companies that have headquarters in the UK, and then applied the following selection criteria:

  • All five tools align with the market definition of employee scheduling software: ‘Employee scheduling systems help to create, track and manage employee schedule as well as approve employee vacation/leave requests’. 
  • The software companies have their headquarters in the United Kingdom
  • All tools have the following core features: employee database, employee scheduling, time clock and vacation/leave tracking
  • They have had more than 20 user reviews over the last two years (27 September 2021 to 27 September 2023)
  • The tools have a minimum average overall rating of 4.4/5 stars

After that, we went on to select the top five employee scheduling tools having the highest average overall rating as compared to other products.