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A third of employees fear “over-reliance” on ChatGPT at work

September 2023 -Despite the widespread adoption of ChatGPT in UK workplaces, a Capterra survey found that a third (32%) of employees expressed concerns about the over-reliance on this tool to perform their work tasks, as well as its security risks. The study highlights the importance of businesses finding a balance between AI automation and human expertise, while deploying strict cybersecurity measures.

  • The majority (76%) of employees said they used ChatGPT on a daily basis
  • Around a third (32%) of employees shared security concerns regarding the potential hacking of ChatGPT
  • 60% of employees said they meticulously reviewed the outputs from ChatGPT

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Generative AI in the workplace: Threat or opportunity?

September 2023 - To gather insights into the impact of generative artificial intelligence in the workplace, Capterra surveyed 496 UK-based employees who use this technology at least twice per month for work. According to the survey, the majority (96%) of employees who use generative AI tools at work said it increased their productivity to some degree, suggesting their potential to empower teams across multiple departments and industries.

  • 61% of employees said that a significant portion of their company was actively using these tools at work
  • 85% of workers somewhat or strongly agreed that this technology helped their business develop more innovative and creative work
  • 72% of staff that openly use AI tools at work said that regulations and guidelines had been implemented

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