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Explore alternatives to CapturePoint that are most similar in terms of key features and benefits. Review the following CapturePoint alternatives to see if there are any CapturePoint competitors that you should also consider in your software research.

Collect, organize, and analyze important electronic data for your company or institution easily with Jotform Enterprise. Learn more about Jotform
AI-powered OCR delivering 99.8% accuracy, seamless integration, and unrivaled efficiency. Revolutionize your document processing today! Learn more about ECIT Digital
Transform your data collection! A perfect fit for all businesses, small and large. Automate your business with mobile and web forms. Learn more about Culverdocs
ResearchManager integrates Data Management (EDC, ePRO, RTSM, eConsent) and Clinical Operations (CTMS, eTMF, LIMS, RIMS) effectively. Learn more about ResearchManager
Centralpoint outranks MS/Sharepoint as a secure knowledge management solution for leading organizations
"Pacta sunt servanda." Bring your documents to life with our artificial intelligence and your virtual legal assistance "Themis".
Square 9’s AI captures data from documents to remove manual data entry and errors.
All-in-one data, AI + IoT platform for industry: real-time data integration & analysis; and IoT solution build made simple.
AIDA is the most advanced intelligent document process solution on the market, it learns fields extraction with a single document.


by FinanSys Solutions

UniFi is one platform with limitless use cases across every department.
Intelligent document processing software that automates and simplifies document-intensive business processes.
The most accurate, AI-driven document processing software with template-less data extraction.
Autocene is the leading no-code automation platform for rapidly building powerful applications and hybrid integrations.
Nanonets uncovers valuable insights from any unstructured data and automates disparate business processes with AI-powered workflows.
elDoc - Intelligent Integrated Platform, enterprise level solution for intelligent document processing and end-to-end document workflow